School Selection Guides

The Clear Admit School Selection Guides are designed to help applicants understand career-specific offerings at the leading MBA programs and identify the schools that will best support their career goals.

Each guide contains over fifteen comprehensive profiles about career-oriented programs at the leading business schools. These profiles encompass an array of specific, detailed information about each program, from highlighted courses, key professors, and club activities to career support and recruitment numbers for placement after graduation. The School Selection Guides are available for immediate download to help you meet your tight time constraints.

The Clear Admit School Selection Guides will help you to:

  • Narrow down your list of target schools
  • Gather key school-specific facts that pertain to your career goals and craft application essays that stand out
  • Get up to speed on your target schools’ offerings prior to an admissions interview
  • Help make the final decision about where to attend by measuring each program’s offerings and reputation in your target field

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