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Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Clear Admit Community

These Community Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) are intended to help you understand our expectations as to how you should conduct yourself as a member of the Clear Admit community.  We want the Clear Admit website to be a place where aspiring MBAs come to get up-to-the-minute MBA admissions advice and business school news, and to share with one another their insights and experiences about the admissions process.  Your use of the Clear Admit website and the interactive features on the website is subject to these Guidelines, the Clear Admit Terms of Use Agreement and the Clear Admit Privacy Policy.

We are committed to these Guidelines and any violation of these Guidelines may result in deleted content, disabled accounts or other restrictions on use.  If you see any posts or conduct that may violate these Guidelines, please help us by reporting it to us at [email protected].

1. Professional Conduct– We ask that you conduct yourself with courtesy, professionalism and respect in your posts on, comments to and interactions with other members of the Clear Admit community.

2. Thoughtful and Appropriate Content – We ask that you are thoughtful in the comments that you make on the website and that you do not post comments or other materials that are false or misleading, or are or could be interpreted as harassing, bullying, threatening, discriminatory, abusive, hateful, violent or obscene.

3. Fraud and Identity– You may not post false information about yourself or other members of the Clear Admit community, including your qualifications in applying for, admission to or acceptance of offers to be admitted to any institutions, nor may you falsify your identify, inaccurately describe yourself, or create a false profile on the site.

4. Advertising and Commercial Messages – You may not post advertisements, links to other websites for commercial purposes, or other commercial messages on our forums, and any such posts will be removed.

5. Personal Information– We respect the privacy of all members of our community and do not permit the publication of personal information such as names, home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. You are however free to share this information with other members in private at your own discretion.

6. Violation of Intellectual Property Rights– You may not post content that violates the intellectual property rights of any third party without the permission of the owner of such rights.

7. Violation of Guidelines– If you breach any of these Guidelines we may remove your posts and other content, temporarily or permanently suspend you from submitting content or termination your registration on the site.

8. Disputes– In the event of the need for clarification of or dispute with respect to these Guidelines, the decision of Clear Admit will be final. We will not discuss details of our decisions on our forums. If you wish to discuss any matter regarding the forums, please contact us at [email protected].

9. Modification of the Guidelines– We reserve the right to amend these Guidelines without notice, so you are encouraged to review them on a regular basis.