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Introduction to Clear Admit’s Top MBA Career Placement Outcomes Series

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Clear Admit is always seeking ways to help MBA applicants make informed choices, particularly when choosing between great business school options. With this in mind, we have reviewed full-time MBA employment reports for U.S. business schools to present interesting job placement trends.

Since one of the main benefits of going to business school is to advance in a career, many MBA applicants are interested in seeing the employment outcomes for recent graduates. Business schools issue employment reports that include annual MBA job placement outcomes by industry, function and geography. The schools agree to follow a set of reporting standards set by the MBA Career Services Council (MBACSEA), which allows for some cross-school comparison.

In this content series, we will review job acceptances for a number of business schools with the goal of helping MBA applicants see the similarities and differences in job placement by MBA program. We hope that you find this information helpful as you choose which MBA program is the right fit for you. See the list of articles below and stay tuned for more.

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See notes on how regionindustry and function are defined for the series. You can also view our coverage of MBA employment reports here.