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Real Humans: Alumni

Our Real Humans: Alumni series features graduates from top business schools and their accounts of joining different industries post-MBA. We first list the most popular post-MBA fields of consulting, financial services and tech. Additional industry insights come from MBA candidates who pursued roles in consumer goods/retail, entertainment/media, entrepreneurship, healthcare/pharma, or manufacturing/automotive/aerospace.

Learn about alumni MBA experiences and discover how business school prepared them for their careers at leading firms.


Recent graduates discuss how the MBA prepared them for careers in management consulting.

Financial Services

Business school alumni explain their paths into financial services, including investment banking.


Silicon Valley and beyond, MBA alumni talk about their ventures into the tech industry.

Additional Industries

Consumer Goods/Retail

Alumni discuss the role that their MBA experience played in their journey toward the world of retail & consumer goods.

Entertainment / Media



Recent alumni tell us the stories of how their MBA helped them enter the world of healthcare and pharmaceuticals.


Business school graduates talk us through their experience within the manufacturing, automotive, or aerospace industry.

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