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August 27, 2019 7:38pm ET
Applying: Berkeley / Haas, Columbia, Dartmouth / Tuck, Duke / Fuqua, Michigan / Ross, Northwestern / Kellogg, U. Washington / Foster, UT Austin / McCombs
Intake Year: 2021
Pre-MBA Career: Technology
Post-MBA Target Industry: Technology Companies: Amazon , LinkedIn , Microsoft
GMAT: 700
GPA: 2021
Years of Work Experience: 6
Location: Northeast
Post MBA Location: Open

Hi! I am service academy graduate, economics major, and now am serving as a military officer. I am currently a data analysts on IT infrastructures including cloud base infrastructure (sustainment, migration, etc..) I am from a southeast Asian country and moved to US pre middle school. Side note, lived on my own from the age of 16. First generation college graduate. Military sent me in resident to a masters program and had my thesis published in an academic journal (nobody was more surprised than me lol). I recognize that my college gpa is low, no excuses. Planning on retaking the GMAT in hopes to get a higher score. My career exposure in technology has me wanting to seek a job in the tech field however am also interested in consulting. I have had the opportunity to work and lead large and small teams, been exposed to complex situations (politically and strategically), and also lived in a foreign country while on active duty. I have noticed how technology has broken down the barriers to entry to education, healthcare, and enabled countless of new opportunities and want to work in that field to potentially find ways to be able spread these opportunities to third world countries, for example, my home country. I find myself very fortunate to move here as a child and have had access to these opportunities and that’s really what’s fueling my transition from the military into technology. I feel diversity is extremely important and want the opportunity to learn and grow from potential classmates from their experience and exposure from their specific industry. I feel an MBA is important for me to gain business acumen, an opportunity to strengthen my weaknesses and strengths in a collaborative and learning environment, and tbh, an opportunity to get a breath of understanding about the business world from professors, guest lecturers but specifically classmates as my experience in business is nil. Any advice welcomed :) Also, if you find it value added for other applicants - please highlight on wiretaps.