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October 25, 2022 1:50pm ET
Applying: Berkeley / Haas, Dartmouth / Tuck, Duke / Fuqua, INSEAD, London Business School, Michigan / Ross, MIT Sloan, Northwestern / Kellogg, UPenn / Wharton, Yale SOM
Intake Year: 2023
Pre-MBA Career: Test Operations Manager for Mechanical Development of products for F150 mfg company
Post-MBA Target Industry: Consulting, MF, Auto, Aerospace Companies: Bain , BCG , McKinsey , PWC , Ford , GM , Tesla
GMAT: 740
GPA: 8/10
Years of Work Experience: 5
Location: US
Post MBA Location: US-Preferred but open to Europe/Singapore/India

A long time listener.
A short summary: Mech Eng. Major at Tier 2 NIT in India. Masters in mech at Top 5 public uni with 3.96/4 GPA. 5 YOE at matriculation
I started as an Engineer and have slowly grown into an Operations role with 2 promotions, leading a team of about 30 blue-collar workers.
EC: Co lead of Automotive student club in UG, Helped initiate a tutoring program for technicians pursuing engineering courses(almost 4 years to date, still continue doing this), Tutor foreign nationals at local Adult education center (2 years), Coach soccer for kids.
Interests: Play soccer (part of local teams (not year round), Small sports medals in UG for soccer and basketball, pursue my love for cars since UG by working on them during weekends (limited with finances but plan on participating in auto cross competitions).
Goals: I want to stay within Auto/Mobility and try to impact the transition to clean tech in India or developing nations preferably. Short term I think consulting would be a good exposure to multiple functions and industries to help expand my perspective.
I have actually applied Kellogg, Tuck, Fuqua, Ross (all 4 rejected from waitlist after interviews last cycle and all interviews done as of yesterday this cycle, I also had self initiated interviews at all except Ross) and Yale, MIT (waiting for decisions) in R1.
However, I would like to see what my chances look like this time. I think I do have better experience, more impactful projects over last year, with a promotion and also top performance rating for last year. However, given my demography I know that it's always going to be competitive. So 2 questions for the forum:
1. Do you think there is an uptick in international or Indian app volume? Seen an increase in Internationals in Co24 but overall volume seems down)
2. As a result I am planning on devising a R2 strategy. Would you suggest I go for more aggressive schools like Haas/HBS/Wharton/Booth or just focus on some targets like INSEAD/LBS or Darden(not sure if I fit there though) and safer schools like NUS/ISB?