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April 21, 2022 3:25pm ET
Applying: Cambridge / Judge, London Business School, MIT Sloan, Oxford / Saïd
Intake Year: 2023
Pre-MBA Career: Structural Engineer / Project Manager
Post-MBA Target Industry: Consulting, Technology Companies: Bain , BCG , McKinsey , Google , Microsoft
GMAT: 710
GPA: 3.27
Years of Work Experience: 7
Location: Canada
Post MBA Location: UK unless MIT is possible

I'm a 28 year old male from Canada looking to apply to an MBA matriculating in sept 2023. I'm currently a project manager for a big $$ project portfolio in the Canadian oil sands so we get to deal with big things (like the biggest single belt conveyor belt in the world, dump trucks the size of house, etc.). I was a Structural engineer for 3 years before that and was solely responsible for all of the steel designs for this same huge plant (3000+ people) I was really young and was definitely punching about my weight class - we built lots of cool things and even have a patent pending for some cool mechanical maintenance pieces we came up with (best part was actually touching something you designed and was later physically built). My reputation from this job is how it got my current PM role. I've also formally started a non-profit mentoring service for new grads and professional newcomers in Canada (although I've been doing this for a long time - just without advertising it)- part of this was to support people like my parents (refugees when they came to Canada) . I know my GPA is on the lower side but I finished in the top 15% of my program so I feel like they are "deflated". I'm hoping to jump into to operations consulting with a MBB or prod-ops at a tech firm (focus on greenifying/optimization of ops) - I really like being thrown into something I know nothing about and asked to solve a problem so these two career paths seemed to be a good fit.

I'd really like to end up in the UK (wife is an EU citizen so its easier to work there) but if I got into MIT we'd be willing to move to the UK after the 2 year program. I'm hoping that even though my numbers are on the lower side - my experience could bring a cool perspective to the school I get into

Also I love the podcast, Graham and Alex - you guys are so awesome - I feel like I have a better understanding of my application pitfalls and what to look out for!!