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July 29, 2019 6:59am ET
Applying: Harvard Business School, Michigan / Ross, MIT Sloan, U. Chicago Booth
Intake Year: 2020
Pre-MBA Career: US Army Green Beret Officer
Post-MBA Target Industry: Consulting Companies: Deloitte , KPMG , McKinsey , PWC
GRE: 330
GPA: 3.21
Years of Work Experience: 9
Location: Germany
Post MBA Location: Northeast/ Midwest

I have been listening to your podcast and love it! If you are looking for volunteers I would really like to be featured on "Wire Taps"

TL;DNR version at the bottom.

Here are my Quantifiable Metrics:
College: Attended US Military Academy at West Point. GPA: 3.21. Played Division 1 Varsity Lacrosse all four years.

GRE: 330: 170 Verbal; 160 Quant; 5.0 AWA.

Short Term Goal: Earn my MBA and work at a top management consulting firm. I am a quick learner, however I currently assess that I am lacking in the industry specific deep domain knowledge that many of my fellow applicants possess. I believe that Consulting will help close that gap in an expeditious manner.

Long Term Goal: Here is where I need some help. It seems very daunting to have to "decide" what you want to do 10 years down the road, especially given the aforementioned "industry specific knowledge gap." I am debating between a couple possible courses of action but here is the one that seems to resonate with me the most: After my time in a major consulting firm, I would like to pivot into the CleanTech industry (companies like Stem and Apana stand out most) where I would like to eventually work in operations (COO/CEO). The reason I am passionate about this is multifaceted. First, as an avid outdoor sports enthusiast (Skiing, Hiking, Running) our planet's health is very important to me. Next, I have had the opportunity to work with and consult several Nordic countries Special Operations Forces. In the course of those relationships I have had the chance to learn about their approach to Clean Energy which frankly is simply a better model than ours. I want to help champion those innovations both in the US and internationally (as we well know when dealing with the complex politics of energy reform a "good idea" is often far from enough). Finally, and most personally impactful, I have witnessed firsthand the effects of poor environmental stewardship. Growing up in Michigan I had close family members that were directly affected by the Flint water crisis. Furthermore, just last year the EPA discovered that a major corporation was illegally dumping toxic chemicals into the water table in the town that I live! While I do not wish to go on a crusade, I believe that the future well-being of our planet and children is dependent upon our ability to provide clean sustainable energy.

Current Employment: Upon Graduation I branched Infantry and did all of the "fun" things one might expect including Ranger School, "Jumping out of planes" school, Jungle school, etc. I also deployed to a highly contested area of Afghanistan in 2013 for 11 months.
After returning, I decided to try out for US Army Special Forces (Green Berets). After successfully completing a 24 month Qualification course that included more "fun" schools, as well as six months of immersive Language training, I was assigned to Germany. For the last three years (four by the time I transition from the military) I have been a Special Forces Officer focused on the European Theater. This has given me the unique opportunity to work at the intersection of the Diplomatic/Economic/Military engines of National Security Strategy at a very "interesting" time in European Geo-Politics.

TL;DNR Version
1. In terms of focus what am I missing and where am I coming up short?

2. Am I looking at the right schools give my stats?

Thanks, take care