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Clear Admit Reviews and Ratings: Share Your Thoughts!

Greetings Clear Admit community members!  We would like to call your attention to a simple form that allows us to gather ratings and reviews for Clear Admit. These ratings and reviews will be used to help others know what they can expect when they join the Clear Admit community. Please take a moment to share a few words about your experience. Our team would greatly appreciate hearing from you! Leave Us A Review! This is your chance to tell future members of the Clear Admit community what you think of our resources. Were our Essay Topic Analyses helpful during those... Read more »

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MBA Essay Insight Webinar Series Summer 2022

We’re sure you’ve already heard that the application essays are a crucial component of the MBA application. So how can you ace this part of the admissions process without the use of sample essays? Get essay tips straight from admissions representatives at leading business schools during our upcoming MBA Essay Insight Webinar Series! Dates: July 13, July 20, July 27 & August 3. Time: 12 pm-1 pm Panel & 1 pm-1:30 pm Breakout Q&A with Individual Schools (all times Eastern) Each session will start with a 60-minute roundtable panel, hosted by Clear Admit Co-Founder Graham Richmond.  admissions reps will share... Read more »

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Wharton MBA/Lauder MA International Studies Joint Degree Program Webinar – Video Recap

Interested in joint degree MBA/MA Programs?  This Lauder Institute MBA webinar is for you! The Lauder Institute of Management & International Studies in partnership with The Wharton School provides a dual MBA/MA program with a global focus. The Lauder Institute allows students to earn an MBA from The Wharton School, in addition to a MA in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts & Sciences. Lauder coursework is grounded in the social sciences and humanities disciplines. Through in-class and field-based learning, students acquire a foundation in the geographic, historical, social, political, economic, and cultural factors that shape... Read more »

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Webinar: Behind the Scenes of Management Consulting – Video Recap

Interested in management consulting?  This management consulting webinar is for you! The management consulting career path is considered integral to the professional aspirations of countless MBA applicants and students. As a traditional industry, the management consulting career has held consistent gravitas and respect among all sides of the MBA universe. In this management consulting webinar, we take a 360-degree view of the management consulting career path. We tapped into the expertise of Erica Suesserman of My Consulting Offer, and Chandler Arnold, of Stacy Blackman Consulting, the leading MBA admissions consulting firm, and exclusive MBA admissions consulting partner to Clear Admit.... Read more »

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Fridays from the Frontline: What is Fuqua Friday?

Sandeep Panda, Duke Fuqua Daytime MBA Class of 2021, sheds light on the longstanding tradition of Fuqua Fridays at the leading business school in this Fridays from the Frontline. What is Fuqua Friday? By Sandeep Panda, Daytime MBA Class of 2021 TGIF. As the clock rushes towards the end of classes on Fridays, students across Fuqua get a little excited to head over to the Fox Center. This time it is not because there is a speaker series or a company presentation. It’s because it’s Fuqua Friday! Fuqua Friday, 2019 Every Friday during the fall and spring terms, Fuqua comes... Read more »

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Fridays from the Frontline: Tuckies’ Reflections from the 2022 HBS Africa Business Conference

The MBA community transcends school borders, as many programs host conferences or events that welcome students from different schools. In this edition of Fridays from the Frontline, two Dartmouth Tuck MBA students (aka Tuckies) recount their experience attending Harvard Business School’s Africa Business Conference. Reflections from the 2022 HBS Africa Business Conference By Takunda Ndoro T’22 Takunda Ndoro T’22 and Seare Kidane T’23 discuss their experiences at the HBS Africa Business Conference and key takeaways from its theme “Reimagining the Road Ahead.” Takunda Ndoro T’22 One of the best things about my second year at Tuck has been the freedom to interact... Read more »

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Stanford MBA Students Host Event to Demystify MBA Experience for Black Undergrads

Stanford GSB MBA students hope to increase diversity in the global MBA applicant pool and equity in the b-school application process with an upcoming workshop for students and young professionals who identify as black. To help demystify the MBA experience, Dream Big Lead Boldly is a free, one-day virtual workshop taking place on Saturday, April 30th, covering the following themes:   Deciding if an MBA is right for you Paying for business school Career paths Designing your life This is the second year that the student-led program will take place. Building on the foundation put in place by their classmates,... Read more »

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Georgetown McDonough Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / Virtual

Invited to interview on 3/2 and completed the interview on 3/8. Initially signed up to interview with an alum, but the system did not register the interview properly and needed to reschedule with a member of the adcom team. The interview was very relaxed and conversational and lasted 30 minutes. The questions the interviewer asked were the standard fair: (1) Tell me about yourself/introduce yourself. (2) What was a time you had to resolve a disagreement with coworkers? (3) What is a project you are especially proud of at work or in extracurriculars? (4) What are your plans post-MBA and... Read more »

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INSEAD Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Off-Campus

INSEAD R1/ 2 interviews, both with Alumni Location: Virtual and in-person Type of interview: both Alumni, mix of application-based and resume-based Questions asked: Why MBA and Why INSEAD? Tell me a time you worked with someone from a different background/culture from you. Strengths and weaknesses? Tell me a time you failed. How will you plan your time at INSEAD given it’s an intense program? Tell me a time you lead a team and how did it work out ? Both interviews were friendly and informal, relaxed atmosphere. Interviewers were very willing and happy to share their experiences, in school and... Read more »

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Upcoming Virtual Event Series: MBA Application Overview

You’ve got your grades and (maybe) your test scores. You’ve put in the time and effort at work, and have accomplishments and skills to show for it. You’re also active and involved in your community. You have the raw materials. So how do you put them together into a compelling MBA application? Join us for our MBA Application Overview Event Series to get answers to just that question! We’re hosting four events – on consecutive Wednesdays in May – May 4th, May 11th, May 18th & May 25th, all @ 12pm ET – each with representatives from up to five... Read more »

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HBS MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Adcom / Zoom

*This interview was for Class of 2023. The interviews was both application and resume-based. She first asked about my overall purpose to get an MBA, referring to my essays. Then, she went over the details of my resume, such as the current news about the topic of undergrad dissertation, the clubs I was part of, etc. What surprised me was that she didn’t ask anything about my current job or my future goals, rather she asked about something she read on one of my letters of recommendation (I didn’t know that my recommender included that story). Overall atmosphere was very... Read more »

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Spring 2022 Survey – We Need Your Input! $400 Gift Card Opportunity

The 2021-2022 MBA admissions cycle is coming to a close. At this point, many of our community members are weighing their options for business school next fall semester. Meanwhile, others have made their school choice and are looking forward to matriculating in the coming months. Of course, early career professionals have some great options in today’s job market. What are your reasons for pursuing an MBA – or not? Clear Admit is conducting an online survey to explore the factors that informed your decision-making about whether to apply to graduate school this season. This survey will take you 10 minutes to... Read more »

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Upcoming Live Chat: Why the Case Method is Used by Virtually Every Business School

Interested in an in-depth discussion about the Case Method of teaching?  This Case Method Live Chat is for YOU! In 2020, an estimated 19 million case studies were sold worldwide, with the majority used by MBA programs to teach management to their students. Across leading business schools, roughly 40% of classes are taught by case method. So why has this approach to teaching and learning, pioneered at Harvard Business School over 100 years ago, become widely accepted? In this Case Method Live Chat, former HBS senior researcher James Quinn will help us explore important aspects of this mode of learning,... Read more »

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Upcoming: Ask Us Anything! Live Chat with UC Irvine Merage Admissions Director & Current Students

Interested in the UC Irvine Merage MBA program? This UC Irvine Live Chat is for YOU! In this ‘Ask Me Anything’ style live chat,  Director of Admissions, Melanie Coburn, and current Merage MBAs will answer your questions about the program. Learn more about the MBA curriculum, the post-MBA opportunities, the students’ experiences in the program (from current students), and more. Bring all of your questions for this interactive chat session and, whether you are in the research phase or trying to make a final decision on which MBA program to join, we promise you will leave this chat with your... Read more »

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Fridays from the Frontline: Living the HBS RISE Fellow Mission by Amari Griffin

When Harvard Business School announced their inaugural recipients of the Recognizing Individuals Seeking Equity (RISE) Fellowship, we wanted to hear more about these accomplished individuals. Amari Griffin, MBA/MS Engineering Sciences ’23, offers more about her HBS experience and commitment to communities of color in this edition of Fridays from the Frontline. Living the HBS RISE Fellow Mission By: Amari Griffin, Harvard MBA/MS ‘23 I have always felt I made the biggest impact in my community through community service, where I always strive to improve the lives of others. For the past seven years, I have concentrated my efforts within two... Read more »

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MIT Sloan MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / AdCom / Zoom

The interviewer let me in about 2 mins after the meeting was supposed to start. We had a brief “break the ice” conversation to start, which was unlike other AdCom interviews I had, in which the AdCom dived right in. The interviewer explained the interview was behavioral and she was interested in “I” statements and said to avoid “we” statements. Questions began: 1) Any updates to your candidacy? 1a) Follow-up to update. 2) Tell me about a time you navigated ambiguity. 3) Tell me about a time you worked with someone difficult. 4) Tell me about a time you disagreed... Read more »

Last Updated Mar 24, 2022 by

HBS Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / Zoom

Describe the visit and/or interview atmosphere. The questions were very specific and in-depth. They really combed through my entire application. Despite the specificity of the questions, it seems like they had a genuine interest in getting to know me. It did not feel like they were trying to catch me off guard or grill me. What type of interview (alum vs. adcom, résumé-based vs. application-based) was it? Adcom, application-based. They had a massive list of personalized questions for me. What questions were you asked? On strategy project X, what were the segment prioritizations and how did you come up with... Read more »

Last Updated Mar 22, 2022 by

MIT Sloan MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / Zoom

The interview wasn’t cold at all. It was quite conversational and the adcom asked plenty of follow-ups to my answers (no unexpected questions however). Questions were in line with what previous reports mention. I was surprised by how fast the interview went by and how friendly the adcom was. They were genuinely curious about my past experiences and future goals. Interviewer took notes while I was speaking and had my application in front of her, so don’t feel like your answers aren’t good if they look elsewhere on screen. In fact – the more they write, the better for you... Read more »

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MIT Sloan MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / Zoom

The interview started exactly at the time I had it scheduled and ended a few minutes after the half-hour mark. Overall, the adcom member seemed engaged and interested in learning more about my background after having read through my entire application. The following questions were asked: 1) Have there been any changes or updates in your personal or professional life that you’d like to share with us? 2) Follow up question based on my response to #1. 3) Walk me through your data visualization (typical STAR format here). 4) Tell me about a time you had a disagreement with a... Read more »

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CMU Tepper MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Director of Admissions / Zoom

I interviewed at the end of January with JR McGrath. It was very conversational and took about 30 minutes. This was a partially blind interview; he only had a copy of my resume, but no information from my application. JR was extremely easy to talk to, he introduced himself and was very responsive throughout the interview. Questions were very similar to prior reports, no curveballs thrown. Tell me about yourself. Why MBA? (I also answered “Why now?” and “MBA goals” even though he didn’t ask specifically.) What companies are you aiming for? TMAT you used one of your strengths to... Read more »

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