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About Clear Admit+

Clear Admit+ is an extended, free content offering exclusively for registered users. It includes comprehensive guidance on all aspects of the admissions process, presented through an easily digestible series of video lessons, data tools, and digital publications. From school selection and insider admissions tips to essay writing advice and interview preparation, we’ve covered everything with an eye toward efficiently providing you with the vital information you need to excel in the MBA admissions process at top programs.



“I wish I’d had Clear Admit+ when I first started the MBA application process! The Admissions Academy and Strategy Guides would have been really useful when I started. But what I’ve found extremely helpful (and really underrated) in the weeks leading up to the application submittal deadlines is the Private Webinar series. Graham and Alex give really good and candid advice for how to approach parts of the application. I was able to ask them questions that I didn’t feel comfortable asking admissions committees.” -Vivian

“Clear Admit+ is a must if you are currently preparing for or going through the MBA application process. Graham and Alex make the process approachable for anyone, no matter where you are in your journey. If you are looking for some guidance but the price point of an admissions consultant is inaccessible, I’d encourage you to check out Clear Admit+! It has been extremely valuable for me as I have navigated my own applications.” -Bradley

“Clear Admit+ has been super useful in my MBA Application cycle! The data dashboard has been useful in seeing where I stand compared to the competition, and the Becoming a Clear Admit publication, as well as Interview publications, are super useful and very well written!” Ishani

“The admissions academy is a great place to get started on the MBA admissions journey. Clear Admit’s podcasts are a great supplement to the various offering of Clear Admit+. Private webinars are a gem to get very specific questions regarding your candidacy answered. I would get started with Clear Admit+ early in the admissions cycle to get the most out of the various publications as well.” Kapilan


What subjects are covered in the Admissions Academy videos?

There are 25 videos in the series. Each video runs for about 9-12 minutes long and includes lesson notes, links to related content on, as well as recommended reading in the Clear Admit admissions strategy book. The titles of each video are as follows:

  • How to Choose Business Schools
  • How to Use MBA Rankings
  • Taking Personal Inventory
  • Defining Your Post-MBA Career Goals
  • Understanding Your Admissions Reader
  • How to Demonstrate Fit
  • ORM vs. URM: What Does It Mean for Your Strategy?
  • Assessing Your Academics
  • Standardized Testing: GMAT, GRE, Waivers & More
  • Crafting Your Resume
  • Completing Data Forms / Application Forms
  • Essays I: The Basics
  • Essays II: Things to Avoid
  • Essays III: Career Goals, Why MBA, Why Now
  • Essays IV: Achievements, Failures, Leadership, Teamwork
  • Essays V: Open-ended, Creative, Change, Ethical Dilemmas
  • Recommendations I: The Basics
  • Recommendations II: Who to Pick?
  • Recommendations III: Coaching Your Writers
  • Interviews I: The Basics
  • Interviews II: Types & Formats
  • Interviews III: Common Questions
  • Interviews IV: Killer Questions
  • Interviews V: Virtual & Automated
  • Waitlists

Can I watch one of the videos from the Admissions Academy before registering?

Yes! We have made the following video available for you to watch. Enjoy!

What is the data dashboard and how is this tool useful to applicants?

Clear Admit+ includes access to our proprietary data dashboard.  The dashboard is populated with data from the over 60,000 LiveWire entries we have received over the past several years.  These data points tell us about admissions outcomes and how they correlate to many of the key metrics; GPA, GMAT, and GRE.  Use any one of the three tools within our dashboard to explore historical outcomes at your target schools, benchmark your own stats, and to help refine your list of target schools.

What are the private monthly webinars and why should I attend them?

On the first Monday of every month, Clear Admit+ subscribers can attend a private webinar.  The webinar will offer participants a chance to get their specific application strategy questions answered and to join a community of other candidates targeting the best business schools.  The webinar will be hosted by Alex Brown and Graham Richmond – the same duo that host the Admissions Academy videos and the Clear Admit weekly podcast.  Alex and Graham will not only answer your questions, but they will dive into admissions trends, elaborate on key admissions strategies, and tackle anything and everything in the world of MBA admissions.

What digital publications are included with my registration?

When you register with Clear Admit+, you gain access to an assortment of digital publications as part of our expanded content. One of the highlights of our digital publications is our Strategy Guides series. The Strategy Guides offer invaluable insights and advice on various aspects of the admissions process.

Here are some examples of the titles available in the Strategy Guides:

  • Financing the MBA: A guide that provides information and tips on how to finance your MBA education.
  • Juno New MBA Student Loan Guide: A resource that helps you navigate student loans as an MBA student.
  • Recommendation Guide: A guide that helps you manage and optimize the recommendation letter process.
  • Resume Guide: This guide assists you in crafting an effective resume for your MBA application.
  • Waitlist Guide: Strategies and tips for candidates who are waitlisted.

Additionally, as part of the Admissions Books, you get access to “Becoming a Clear Admit: The Definitive Guide to MBA Admissions” which is an essential guide covering a broad spectrum of the MBA admissions process.