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Admissions Tip: Four Reasons You Need to Visit Clear Admit’s Interview Archive

As interview invitations roll out, we wanted to remind MBA hopefuls that Clear Admit can help with the final hurdle to acceptance: the interview. The Clear Admit Interview Archive is a repository of first-hand accounts shared directly by MBA applicants after they have interviewed with one or more of their target top-tier business schools. The details shared in these reports—from the questions asked to what the applicant would do differently if he or she had it to do over—provide invaluable information as you prepare for your interviews.

1. You Won’t Find a More Robust Resource Anywhere

With more than 2,000 MBA admissions interview reports, the Clear Admit Interview Archive has you covered no matter what type of interview you’ll be facing. In some cases, your interviewer will be familiar with your entire application; in others, just your résumé. Candidates who’ve encountered both scenarios can tell you how best to prepare for each. The wide range of interview accounts also includes advice on how best to prepare based on who you your interviewer will be, whether a second-year student, alumnus, or adcom member.

2. It’s Easy to Sort and Search for Your Target MBA Programs

With just two clicks, you can bring up the latest reports from your target business school. Select interview reports by school directly from our main menu bar:

Or sort directly on the Interview Questions & Reports page:

3. You’ll Quickly Learn Exactly What to Expect from Your Target Schools

Find out what your program typically asks applicants—from the standard questions, like “why are you pursuing an MBA?” to more difficult ones, such as how you may have handled a conflict at work.You can also find firsthand insights into the more unusual interview practices, such as Wharton’s Team-Based Discussion and Michigan / Ross’s Team Exercise.

4. Pay It Forward

Preparing for your own interviews is the first reason to visit the Interview Archive, but don’t forget to come back and help others who come after you by sharing what your experience was like. Please include the following information in your report:

Date/admissions round

Description/location of visit and/or interview atmosphere

Type of interview (alum vs. adcom, blind vs. application-based)

List of interview questions

Color commentary is also encouraged. You might share whether or not you’ve received your admissions decision or what you thought of the interview? Maybe include what surprised you and what didn’t. Did you draw any conclusions or learn anything new about the school based on your interview experience? Why not share them with fellow applicants?

Good luck to everyone still waiting for an interview invitation! Stay tuned to LiveWire to know the minute schools start sending invites out. And as soon as you get your invitation, head straight to the Interview Archive so you can be ready to wow the admissions committee when your turn rolls around. And for more in-depth analysis of interview questions and preparation, don’t miss our full series of school-specific interview guides.