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The Kellogg School of Management’s MBA program is headquartered at Northwestern University’s 240-acre main campus in Evanston, Illinois, 12 miles north of downtown Chicago. Kellogg offers four full-time MBA options in addition to part-time and Executive MBA programs. Hallmarks of the Kellogg MBA program include an emphasis on teamwork in and out of the classroom, a general management focus throughout the curriculum and a high level of student involvement, as evidenced by the school’s 104 student-run clubs.

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What is the tuition for Kellogg’s MBA program?

The tuition for Kellogg’s Two-year MBA program is $76,638 per year. The total cost of the Kellogg MBA program is $111,658 per year; this includes budgeted living expenses.

How hard is it to get into Kellogg’s MBA program?

The acceptance rate for Kellogg is 20%. It is important to consider the acceptance rate in the context of the student profile of those who are admitted. For example the average GMAT score is 729.

What is the average GMAT score for admission to Kellogg’s MBA program?

The average GMAT score for the incoming class at Kellogg is 729. The GMAT range is 620 to 780.

Does the Kellogg MBA program accept the GRE?

Yes. The Kellogg MBA program absolutely does accept GRE scores from applicants. Kellogg has no preference between a GMAT or GRE score from applicants. Either is perfectly fine.
They do not convert GRE scores to GMAT scores. The school says that they look at performance on each section of the test, and just like the GMAT, they are looking for balanced performance – typically in the 80-90th percentiles or above.

What is the average GRE score for admission to Kellogg’s MBA program?

Kellogg does not report the average GRE scores of the latest MBA class. However, they have reported that the median GRE scores for the Kellogg MBA Class of 2024 were 162 Verbal and 163 Quant.

What is the minimum number of years of work experience required for admission to Kellogg’s MBA program?

Kellogg’s prefers at least 2 years minimum number of years of work experience.

What is the average number of years of work experience for admission to Kellogg’s MBA program?

The average number of years of work experience among students in Kellogg’s MBA program is 5.2.

What is the median starting salary for graduates of the Kellogg MBA program?

The median starting salary for Kellogg MBA graduates is $150,000. The salary will vary by industry, with consulting and finance jobs generally commanding the higher salaries.

How long is Kellogg’s full-time MBA program?

Kellogg offers a traditional 2 year MBA program, which begins in August, and ends in May, approximately 22 months later. This includes a summer period when students pursue internships. Kellogg also offers a 1 year MBA for those with a business background. This begins in June and ends in June the following year.
Kellogg also offers two full-time dual degree programs: an MMM (MBA from Kellogg and an M.S. in Design Innovation) with Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering, and a JD-MBA with Northwestern’s Pritzker School of Law. MMM students begin in June and graduate in the Spring after 2 years of study. The JD-MBA program is three years long, beginning in the Fall.

What are the application deadlines for Kellogg’s MBA program?

The Round 1 MBA application deadline is September 14, 2022. The Round 2 application deadline is January 10, 2023. The Round 3 deadline is April 5, 2023.

What percent of Kellogg MBA students are women?

The percentage of the class at Kellogg that are women is 48%.

What type of interview does Kellogg use for MBA admissions?

Kellogg has an open interview policy, where candidates can select their interview option when they submit their application. Because the interviewer will not have read the application prior to the interview, it is a resume-based interview.


Day at Kellogg

Day at Kellogg (DAK) is a special event that gives newly admitted Full-Time MBA students the opportunity to come to campus and experience firsthand what life at Kellogg is like. The whole Kellogg community comes together to welcome these students and introduce them to our distinct Kellogg culture.

Frequently Asked Questions: Kellogg Evening & Weekend MBA Program

Emily Haydon, Senior Director of Admissions for Kellogg’s Executive and Evening & Weekend MBA Programs, provides a succinct and helpful overview of our part-time MBA program.


The Kellogg Class Profile

The Two-Year MBA Class of 2024 at Kellogg is comprised of 503 students. Among the first-year entrants in 2022, the average GMAT score was 729. Those who took the GRE earned median scores of 162 Verbal and 163 Quant. The average undergraduate GPA was 3.7, which is based on U.S. schools that graded on a 4.0 scale. Forty-five percent had studied business/economics during their undergraduate years. Thirty-eight percent had pursued STEM majors and 24% majored in humanities.

Students in the incoming class have an average of 62 months of work experience. Twenty-four percent came from consulting and another 19% had worked in financial services. Seventeen percent had gained pre-MBA work experience in tech and others spread out across healthcare, the military, media & entertainment and more.

Thirty-eight percent of the class comprised international students at the time of acceptance. Finally, women make up 48% of the first-year class at Kellogg, and 37% of students identify as members of a U.S. minority group.

Application Procedures

Applicants can elect to apply to Kellogg during one of three admissions rounds that usually occur in September, January and early April. The application solicits data on an applicant’s personal background, academic honors, and work history. It also calls for applicants to submit Kellogg’s essays, a résumé, GRE/GMAT and TOEFL scores, transcripts from all collegiate and post-collegiate institutions attended, and two letters of recommendation from supervisors. Finally, the program requires applicants to submit an application fee of $250. In the application, applicants may either request an on-campus or off-campus interview. The Kellogg Admissions Committee notifies applicants of their interview assignment via email.

Application Checklist

  • Data Form
  • Interview request on/off-campus
  • Résumé
  • Application Fee
  • Recommendations
  • Scanned transcripts
  • Test score updates
  • Essays

Essay Topic Analysis

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Kellogg MBA Essay Questions & Analysis 2022-2023

The following essay topic analysis examines the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management’s (Kellogg) MBA admissions essays. The Kellogg MBA essay questions are for the 2022-2023 admissions season. You can also review essay topic analyses for other leading MBA programs as well as general Essay Tips to further aid you in developing your admissions essays. Northwestern […]

Recommendation Questions

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Kellogg MBA Recommendation Questions

The Northwestern MBA application is live for the Class of 2025 — meaning that the Kellogg MBA recommendation questions for the 2022-2023 admissions season are now available to recommenders of Northwestern / Kellogg MBA applicants. Recommenders are asked to provide background information about their relationship with the applicant, rate them on a series of leadership-related skills and […]

Interview Reports

Northwestern Kellogg Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Adcom-Alumnus / Off-Campus

I was interviewed by an Alum who also happened to be an Admissions Officer. The questions asked were quite focused and I felt a little jittery as it did not follow the structure I had prepared for (e.g. Tell me about yourself, Why MBA?, Behaviorals, etc.) The interview itself was blind. The interviewer only had […]

Northwestern Kellogg MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Second-Year Student / Zoom

The interview lasted ~30 minutes through Zoom and was pretty casual. I was interviewed by a second-year student who was really easygoing and made the whole interview experience easy. She was from a different industry than both my background and target industries. Questions: – Introduce yourself. – Why MBA? (I also used this question to […]

Kellogg MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumni-Adcom / Virtual

My interviewer was both an Alumni and a member of the Admissions committee, but had only previously viewed my resume. The interview was 45 minutes overall, with about 5 minutes of introduction, 35 minutes worth of questions, and 5 minutes at the end for me to ask questions. Very pleasant conversation. We went step-by-step through […]

Kellogg MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Zoom

Very casual interview. Last ~ 30 mins. Started with the alumni introducing himself. Tell me about yourself. What’s your leadership skill & strength? Feedback you received? A time working in a diverse team? Why MBA, Why Kellogg? Any questions for me?

Northwestern Kellogg Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Zoom

The interview was with a local alumnus from my same industry and undergraduate university who had just graduated from the program. The overall mood was mostly formal, though it became more relaxed by the end when I started asking questions back. The questions were: 1. Walk me through your resume. 2. Specifics about some projects […]

Northwestern Kellogg Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumni / Zoom

The interview takes place thru Zoom. The alumni was a graduate who had a similar background and career aspirations as myself. It seems that they will find someone who matches your background or goals. The interview was resume based and on Zoom. 1) Can you please tell me about yourself? 2) What are the day […]

Northwestern Kellogg Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Zoom Call

It was an alumnus interview that was resume based. He clearly worked through some of the pre-populated questions that Kellogg provided. Examples include: “Walk me through your resume,” “Why Kellogg,” and “What impact will you have on the Kellogg community.” I was surprised that he took the entire interview from his car on his drive […]

Northwestern Kellogg Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Adcom / Zoom

Kellogg / October 14 / Round 1 Interview / Zoom Casual interview done by an Adcom. Resume based. 1. Walk me through your resume. 2. Proudest accomplishment? 3. Time you worked on a diverse team? 4. Stepping up to a leadership role? 5. Weakness? 6. Why MBA? Why Now? Why Kellogg? Interview seemed to follow […]

Northwestern Kellogg Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Adcom / Zoom

Interviewed by adcom. Blind interview, resume based. Following questions asked: 1. Share about your educational background. 2. Walk through your resume and explain different parts. 3. Explain your role and responsibilities at the job. 4. How would you describe your leadership style (with example)? 5. How do you work with people from different backgrounds (with […]

Northwestern / Kellogg Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Video

The interview was casual and friendly. It took about 35 min and the alumnus spent another 10 min to answer my questions. Good luck to everyone! Questions: • Tell me about yourself. • What’s your short-term & long-term goal? • Why MBA and Why Kellogg? • How would you describe your leadership style and what […]

Kellogg Q&As

Admissions Director Q&A: Steve Thompson of Northwestern Kellogg

In this edition of our Admissions Director Q&A series, Steve Thompson, Senior Director of Admissions at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, digs into the many offerings at the school as well as insights and tips about the Kellogg application. As the leader of Full-Time admissions, Steve is focused on attracting the best and brightest […]

Admissions Director Q&A: Emily Haydon of Northwestern Kellogg

We roll right along with our Admissions Director Q&A series by welcoming Emily Haydon, Interim Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid for the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, to chat about the leading b-school. She leads the Admissions and Financial Aid teams for the Full-Time, Executive and Evening & Weekend MBA programs. […]

Admissions Director Q&A: Renee Cherubin of Northwestern Kellogg School of Management

A little north of downtown Chicago in Evanston, Illinois, MBA students enjoy a team-oriented culture and education at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. Renee Cherubin, who earned her MBA from Kellogg in 2006, is the Senior Director of Full-Time MBA Admissions for the school. She is an active member of the Admissions leadership team […]




Mailing Address:
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University
2211 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: 847-491-3308
Fax: 847-491-4960
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.kellogg.northwestern.edu
Blog: https://kelloggmbastudents.wordpress.com/category/admissions-2/
Twitter: @KelloggSchool

Northwestern / Kellogg LiveWire and DecisionWire

MBA LiveWire for Northwestern / Kellogg

Application results in real time, submitted by site visitors.
October 24, 2022 1:32pm
Interview Invitevia email.
GPA: 3.91.New York, USA.
October 22, 2022 4:17pm
Interview Invitevia email.
GPA: 3.21.India.
October 20, 2022 3:04pm
Interview Invitevia email.
GPA: 3.1.GMAT: 740.Minneapolis.
October 20, 2022 12:22pm
October 20, 2022 12:19pm
Interview Invitevia email.
GPA: 3.88.GMAT: 750.India.

MBA DecisionWire for Northwestern / Kellogg

Enrolled: Northwestern / Kellogg
Admitted: Northwestern / Kellogg
GPA: 3.85
Post-MBA Career: Consulting
Enrolled: Cornell / Johnson
Admitted: Columbia, Cornell / Johnson, Georgetown / McDonough, Michigan / Ross, Northwestern / Kellogg, NYU Stern
GMAT: 730 GPA: 3.29
Post-MBA Career: Consulting



Kellogg employs over 200 tenure-track and clinical faculty members across seven academic departments and two professional programs. This group of scholars and practitioners directs Kellogg’s 20 research centers, which cover a spectrum of topics from family enterprise and nonprofit management to healthcare and real estate, and support the four other research centers at Northwestern University. 


Like most MBA programs, Kellogg employs a variety of teaching methods. The school reports that professors rely on team projects, case studies and lectures as well as experiential or simulation-based instruction. First-years at Kellogg are divided into eight sections of roughly 75 students and then into small study groups for their courses.

MBA classes typically begin in mid-September and end in early June, with convocation taking place in mid-June. Kellogg works on a quarter system; full-time students take classes during the fall, winter and spring terms with most pursuing an internship during the summer term. Those enrolled in the One-Year program take courses during all four quarters. Within the academic year, Kellogg students have short breaks between quarters and for holidays such as Thanksgiving.

During the first year of study, Kellogg students take nine core courses out of the minimum 20.5 courses required for graduation. The core covers foundational business principles in accounting, strategy, finance, marketing, economics, operations, statistics and management. Students are allowed to waive classes that overlap heavily with previous coursework or relevant work experience; a waived course is exchanged for an elective. During the second-year pre-term orientation period before classes start in the fall, all students are also required to take Leadership and Crisis Management, a half-credit course based on case studies and exercises in crisis simulation.

Kellogg students meet the remaining credit requirements with elective courses, including a one-credit global management option fulfilled in any quarter by taking one of several courses or par­ticipating in a study abroad program. Moreover, all students may complete at least one major; historically, more than 80% of students double major and more than 50% meet the requirements for three majors.  There are eight major areas of study from which students can choose, including Accounting, Economics, Finance, Managing Organizations, Operations, Strategy, Management Science, and Marketing.  Specific requirements vary for each major; if a major is not selected, then General Management is noted on the transcript.

Other MBA Degree Options

In addition to its 22-month full-time MBA program, Kellogg offers a one-year accelerated MBA degree, a three-year JD/ MBA program with Northwestern Law, and a dual-degree Master’s in Engineering Management (MMM) program with the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science. In 2020, they announced a new joint degree in science and business, the MBAi. This new degree is also in partnership with the McCormick School.

Part-time options include Evening MBA and Saturday MBA programs in Chicago and Evanston and Executive MBA offerings in Evanston and Miami, with opportunities to study abroad in Israel, Germany, China and Toronto.

Finally, the Kellogg Future Leaders program allows current undergraduate seniors and graduate school students without work experience to apply for a future spot in the Kellogg MBA class. Deferment, during which candidates earn relevant work experience, lasts two to five years.

Majors at Kellogg

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Managing Organizations
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Strategy

Degree Offerings at Kellogg

Full-time MBA Programs
Two-Year (2Y), One-Year (1Y), MMM and JD-MBA

Part-Time MBA Programs
Evening and Saturday options

Executive MBA Programs
Miami, Evanston

Dual Degrees

MBA from Kellogg and an M.S. in Design Innovation from the Segal Design Institute at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science (MMM)  https://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/programs/full-time-mba/mmm-program.aspx

Joint Degree
MBAi – a joint degree between Kellogg and the McCormick School of Engineering in business and science

Campus Life

Clubs, Conferences & Competitions

Students at Kellogg enjoy many opportunities for extracurricular involvement. Full-time MBA candidates have 104 full-time club offerings in total to choose from across a fairly balanced range of affinity, athletic, cultural and professional organizations. Kellogg Worldwide Experiences and Service Trips, commonly referred to as KWEST, have remained one of the most popular activities year after year. KWEST takes place the week before pre-term orientation and connects incoming students with second-year student trip leaders for a week of international exploration. Past destinations have included Malaysia, Japan, Chile, Turkey, Iceland, Peru, Alaska, and Hawaii. Second-year students may study at one of Kellogg’s 24 international partner schools in their fall or winter semester. Kellogg also offers more traditional clubs such as the Investment Management Club, Kellogg Marketing Club and Net Impact. In conjunction with the schools’ clubs, several conferences are regularly hosted by Kellogg faculty and students. These cover numerous topics, including healthcare, tech, private equity and more.

Kellogg also sponsors a variety of competitions for its students. A particular hallmark of the program, the Annual Kellogg Marketing Competition, takes place over the course of three elimination rounds spanning two months, during which entrants compete in pitching a product to the Kellogg community. Meanwhile, the annual Biotech & Healthcare Case Competition is open to teams of students from MBA programs across the globe. In this contest, students present innovative solutions for a case created by a Kellogg professor that examines a problem in the medical industry.

Campus Space

In March of 2017, Kellogg opened its Global Hub, a 415,000-square-foot home for the business school perched alongside Lake Michigan just north of Chicago. The new building took over classroom and collaboration space for the MBA students from the Donald Jacobs Center. The Global Hub is comprised of a 6,000-square-foot central atrium, a two-story faculty area with seminar rooms, and a 300-person capacity auditorium.  The new classrooms are designed to be flexible, with the ability to change seating arrangements from tiered to flat, as well as to expand. Finally, the 7,800-square-foot Galvin Family Design Wing and Conference Center, is dedicated to hands-on experiential learning across four design studios.

The majority of students choosing to live on campus take up residence in the McManus Living-Learning Center just three blocks away. The James L. Allen Center, which sits on the edge of Lake Michigan, is the heart of activity for the Evanston Executive MBA and Executive Education programs.

MBA Careers

Career Services

The Kellogg Career Management Center (CMC) offers a wide range of career counseling services, including one-on-one strategy sessions, self-assessment workshops, videotaped mock interviews, résumé reviews, networking events and an online job posting system. In addition, the CMC organizes a busy schedule of internship and full-time recruiting events on campus, with five weeks dedicated to second-year recruiting in the fall and five weeks for first-year students beginning in January. Kellogg students have the opportunity to meet company representatives year-round through corporate presentations, networking nights, and club-sponsored guest speakers and career treks.

Career Statistics

Ninety-seven percent of Kellogg’s Class of 2021 had secured job offers three months after graduation. The median starting salary for Kellogg MBAs after graduation is $50,000.

The most common industry choice for Class of 2021 graduates was consulting at 37%. Twenty-six percent of students joined the technology industry. Financial services firms employed 15% of Kellogg 2021 graduates, while 8% of students took jobs in the consumer products industry and 6% going into health care.

While it is common that business schools place graduates in the region where the school is located, Kellogg bucked this trend. More graduates, 30%, headed West compared to 28% who stayed in the Midwest. Fifteen percent headed East and 9% settled in the Southwestern U.S. Nearly 10% headed abroad.


The tuition for the Two-Year MBA for the 2021-2022 academic year is $76,368.  However, Kellogg estimates that with additional expenses such as rent and textbooks, students will pay $111,658 total per year.  Both merit- and need-based scholarships are offered by the school to finance the MBA. In order to be considered for most of these awards, applicants should fill out the Kellogg Financial Aid application, made available upon admission, as well as other necessary forms such as the FAFSA; awards are given on a first-come, first-served basis. Admits are automatically considered for certain merit-based awards for which they are eligible, including several corporate-sponsored diversity scholarships. There are also a variety of loan options available to Kellogg students, including federal loan programs for U.S. citizens and private loans for international students such as the NU Loan, which one can apply to with an international co-signer.

Cost of Attendance 2021-2022

  • Tuition $76,638
  • Room & Board $17,100
  • Books & Supplies $1,647
  • Travel $1,329
  • Personal $3,150
  • Health Insurance $4,386
  • Computer Equipment $1,200
  • Student Activity and Experience Fee $1,400
  • Student Association Fee $330
  • First Year Fee $2,000
  • Total $111,658

Recent Northwestern / Kellogg News

Northwestern Kellogg MBA Employment Report: Class of 2022 Finds Strong Placement Overall & in Consulting

The Two-Year MBA Class of 2022 at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management achieved near-perfect job placement, according to the employment report. At three months post-graduation, 99

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The interview lasted ~30 minutes through Zoom and was pretty casual. I was interviewed by a second-year student who was really easygoing and made the whole interview experience easy. She was from a di

Kellogg MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumni-Adcom / Virtual

My interviewer was both an Alumni and a member of the Admissions committee, but had only previously viewed my resume. The interview was 45 minutes overall, with about 5 minutes of introduction, 35 min

Kellogg MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Zoom

Very casual interview. Last ~ 30 mins. Started with the alumni introducing himself. Tell me about yourself. What’s your leadership skill & strength? Feedback you received? A time working in

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