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Class Size 56
Women 45%
Mean GPA 3.57

The W. P. Carey School of Business is located in Tempe, eleven miles east of downtown Phoenix. Carey offers a two-year, full-time MBA program, as well as part-time and online MBA programs. They also feature an Executive MBA along with custom corporate options. Hallmarks of the W.P. Carey full-time MBA program include its interdisciplinary curriculum and executive connections. 


What is the tuition for Carey’s MBA program?

The estimated total cost for Carey’s MBA program is $61,354 for AZ residents, $102,580 for non-residents, and $107,923 for internationals.

What is the average GMAT score for admission to Carey’s MBA program?

The average GMAT score for the incoming class at Carey is 702.

Does the Carey MBA program accept the GRE?

Yes. The Carey MBA program has accepted the GRE for a few years now.

What is the average GRE score for admission to Carey’s MBA program?

The average GRE score for the incoming class at Carey is 311.

What is the average number of years of work experience for admission to Carey’s MBA program? (or, What is the average age of a Carey MBA student?)

The average number of years of work experience among students in Carey’s MBA program is 5.75.

What is the average starting salary for graduates of the Carey MBA program?

The average starting salary for Carey MBA graduates is $134,955.

How long is Carey's full-time MBA program?

Carey offers a traditional 2 year MBA program.

What are the application deadlines for Carey's MBA program?

The Round 1 MBA application deadline is October 1, 2023. The Round 2 application deadline is December 1, 2023. The Round 3 application deadline is February 1, 2024. The Round 4 application deadline is April 1, 2024. Applications are then accepted on a rolling basis until July 15, 2024.

What percent of Carey MBA students are women?

The percentage of the class at Carey that are women is 45%.


The W. P. Carey School of Business - Support, Flexibility, and the Student Experience

ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business can prepare you to lead in an uncertain global economy. Find out what our students, faculty, staff, and alumni have to say about the support of the W. P. Carey community, the unmatched student experience, and the flexibility of our programs to fit the education you need into your busy life. Learn more about the W. P. Carey experience:

Career Prep at ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business

Advance your career with a degree from ASU's W. P. Carey School of Business. From real-world curriculum to one-on-one career coaching to networking with top companies from around the country, you'll build critical skills and your personal brand, giving yourself a competitive edge in the workplace. Excellent career prep: One more reason why business is personal at the W. P. Carey School of Business. Learn more about the W. P. Carey experience:


The Class Profile

Fifty-six students matriculated in the W.P. Carey Class of 2025. Thirty-nine percent of students are international, representing 13 countries, and 45 percent are women. Twenty-six percent identify as U.S. minorities and 18 percent as underrepresented U.S. minorities. Overall, the average GPA for the class in undergrad was 3.57.

Upon matriculation at W.P. Carey, students averaged 5.75 years of full-time work experience. The average GMAT score of incoming students landed at 702; the average GRE was 311.

Application Procedures

W.P. Carey gives its applicants the choice of applying in one of four admissions rounds, which usually take place in October, November,  February, and April. International applicants must apply by the third round. The application requirements for W.P. Carey include completing the school’s application forms and submitting essays, a résumé, contact information for at least one recommender, and the application fee ($70 domestic, $115 international). After submitting the online materials, applicants must provide their official transcripts and also report their GMAT/GRE and, when applicable, TOEFL/IELTS/PTE scores.  

Application Checklist

  • Application Form
  • Essays
  • Recommender(s)
  • Résumé
  • Application Fee
  • Official Transcripts for College/Graduate Work
  • GMAT or GRE Score
  • TOEFL/IELTS or PTE Scores

Essay Topic Analysis

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Interview Reports

Asu-carey Q&As

Arizona State / W.P. Carey LiveWire and DecisionWire

MBA LiveWire

February 10, 2024 8:47am ET
Interview Invite to Arizona State / W.P. Carey
Round: Round 3
Received via email
GPA: 3.2
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Post MBA Career Name: Entrepreneurship
Application Location: Nigeria
May 4, 2023 4:00pm ET
Accepted to Arizona State / W.P. Carey
Round: Round 1
Received via email May 4, 2023
Program Type: Deferred Enrollment
Post MBA Career Name: Technology
Application Location: Toronto Canada
January 17, 2023 8:47pm ET
Interview Invite to Arizona State / W.P. Carey
Round: Round 2
Received via email January 17, 2023
GPA: 2.6
GRE: 309
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Post MBA Career Name: Consulting
Application Location: Boston
December 10, 2021 12:32pm ET
Accepted to Arizona State / W.P. Carey
Round: Round 1
Received via phone December 10, 2021
GPA: 7.96/10
GMAT: 710
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Post MBA Career Name: Consulting
Application Location: India
October 19, 2021 4:53pm ET
Interview Invite to Arizona State / W.P. Carey
Round: Round 1
Received via email October 19, 2021
GPA: 3.5
GRE: 316
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Post MBA Career Name: Healthcare
Application Location: Nigeria
October 19, 2021 1:53pm ET
Interview Invite to Arizona State / W.P. Carey
Round: Round 1
Received via email October 19, 2021
GPA: 4.0
GMAT: 310
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Post MBA Career Name: Technology
October 8, 2021 5:28pm ET
Applied to Arizona State / W.P. Carey
Round: Round 1
Received via portal
GPA: 7.87
GMAT: 750
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Post MBA Career Name: Entrepreneurship
Application Location: India
September 9, 2021 11:37pm ET
Applied to Arizona State / W.P. Carey
Round: Round 1
Received via email
GPA: 3.95
GMAT: 790
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Post MBA Career Name: Entrepreneurship
Application Location: Boston

MBA DecisionWire

April 4, 2024 11:34am ET
Enrolled: Undecided
Admitted: UCLA Anderson , U. Washington / Foster $
Applied: NYU Stern, UCLA Anderson, USC / Marshall, U. Washington / Foster, Columbia, U. Chicago Booth
Entering Year: 2024
Post MBA Career: Consulting Companies: Accenture, AT Kearney, Bain, Booz Allen Hamilton, BCG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, McKinsey, PWC, Other
GMAT: 710
GPA: 3.1
Location: Phoenix, AZ

I received my undergrad at UW and I don't plan on living in Seattle for an extended period of time, but I do plan on staying in the Pacific. Though I'm very grateful for the scholarship and in state tuition offered by Foster, UCLA is the more appealing option for me. I'm also currently on the wait-list for Marshall.

April 4, 2024 8:29am ET
Enrolled: Undecided
Admitted: Duke / Fuqua $ , IESE , Northwestern / Kellogg
Applied: Northwestern / Kellogg, London Business School, IESE, Duke / Fuqua
Entering Year: 2024
Post MBA Career: Consulting, Technology, Asset Management, inc. Hedge Funds, Other Companies: Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Blackrock, Fidelity, JP Morgan Asset Management
GRE: 319
GPA: 3.85
Location: Perú

EU citizenship + 1 dependant (wife)
EU citizenship is a huge plus for IESE, because I could work anywhere in Europe without visa concerns and wife could work too (making about $28k/year).

Now, it is true that European base salaries tend to be way lower, and my potential base salary in the US going to Duke/Kellogg (+$150k) would be much higher.

April 3, 2024 9:37pm ET
Enrolled: Undecided
Admitted: Cornell / Johnson $
Dartmouth / Tuck $ , Duke / Fuqua , UVA / Darden $
Applied: Yale SOM, UVA / Darden, Duke / Fuqua, Dartmouth / Tuck, Cornell / Johnson, U. Chicago Booth
Entering Year: 2024
Post MBA Career: Consulting Companies: Bain, BCG, McKinsey
GRE: 318
GPA: 3.7

Tuck is my dream program, but struggling with the thought of spending 2 years in hanover, especially since my wife can't find a good paying job there. While I do not love Duke as much as Tuck, I can perfectly see my family and I living in the Durham-Raleigh area and staying there longterm after school. Help!

April 3, 2024 7:16pm ET
Enrolled: Undecided
Admitted: Cornell / Johnson $
NYU Stern $
UCLA Anderson $
Applied: Dartmouth / Tuck, Duke / Fuqua, Harvard Business School, Northwestern / Kellogg, NYU Stern, UCLA Anderson, UPenn / Wharton, Yale SOM, Cornell / Johnson
Entering Year: 2024
Post MBA Career: Consulting Companies: Accenture, Bain, BCG, Deloitte, McKinsey
GMAT: 750
GPA: 3.499
Location: Philadelphia

Also on WL at Tuck and Fuqua. Made Interview cut, but not admitted, at Kellogg.

Johnson $$$ vs. Stern $$$$ - need to see if NYC cost of living cancels out additional $. Attending admitted students day at both schools.



Faculty members teach across eight academic units and contribute to W.P. Carey’s 12 research centers and six labs, which have missions ranging from fostering entrepreneurship to determining competitiveness.


Professors utilize a mix of teaching styles at W.P. Carey, from case studies to lectures, in-class workshops to learning labs. The academic year is broken into quarters, but the year kicks off with orientation in early August. Quarter One classes begin in mid-August and Quarter Two then runs from October to December, followed by Quarter Three through February. When the fourth Quarter wraps up in April, students are required to complete an internship over the summer. There is also the option for a global elective.

To graduate, students must complete 60 credit hours. About two-thirds of these are required courses, and the remaining third go towards electives. The first half of the first year is comprised entirely of core courses, but by the third quarter, students may begin to take elective or concentration courses in addition to the required courses. W.P. Carey offers seven areas of emphasis—business analytics, consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, information management, marketing, and supply chain management—to support specific career paths and skill building. While 15 hours of coursework are required to complete each area, the manner in which these credits are earned via required courses and electives varies. For instance, business analytics requires four courses and at least one elective, but supply chain management comes with eight required courses. W.P. Carey also offers MBA specializations, which only require 9 credits to complete. The specializations are business and government, global business economics, health care management, high tech, services, sports business and sustainable enterprise.

Other MBA Degree Options

In addition to the full-time MBA program, W.P. Carey also offers a part-time MBA for working professionals, an online MBA and Executive MBA program. The W. P. Carey Professional Flex MBA is part-time and is designed for those seeking to earn a degree while maintaining their careers. Candidates for the Flex MBA tend to have 5 to 10 years of work experience. An MBA through the Professional Flex program can be earned over the course of two to four years through a combination of online and classroom learning. Classes are held on campus two nights a week. The Online MBA lasts for 21 months with January or August start dates. The courses are packaged in seven-and-a-half-week sessions, and students may complete electives online, in person at ASU, or internationally. As with the Professional Flex MBA, candidates usually have 5 to 10 years of work experience. Finally, the Executive MBA at W.P. Carey targets professionals with 10 to 20 years of work experience who have accumulated managerial work. The Executive MBA runs for 21 months and classes take place every other Friday and Saturday, starting in August, on ASU’s campus.   

Because the W.P. Carey School of Business is part of the larger ASU network, the school notes that any combination of concurrent degrees is possible. The most popular choices include the following:

  • MBA/Juris Doctor
  • MBA/Master of Architecture
  • MBA/Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • MBA/Master of Legal Studies
  • MBA/MD Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
  • MBA/Master of Science in Information Management
  • MBA/Master of Science in Finance

Concentrations at W.P. Carey

  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Health Care Management
  • Information Management
  • Marketing
  • Sports Business
  • Supply Chain Management

Degree Offerings at W.P. Carey

Full-time MBA

Part-time MBA
Professional Flex


Executive MBA

Custom Corporate

Campus Life

Clubs, Conferences & Competitions

W.P. Carey students have a variety of opportunities to get involved with the school community. The first is Camp Carey, a three-day retreat required of all first-year MBA students in between Orientation and the first day of class. Once the academic year begins, students have the option to join professional or social clubs. Finance, marketing, and supply chain management are just some of the focal points of the professional clubs. Socially, W.P. Carey members may take advantage of the Outdoors Club, the Golf Association, Toastmasters and more. 

During the year, students may also participate in competitions, including the Chevron Case Competition, which deals with supply chain challenges.

Campus Spaces

MBA students convene in the McCord building, located on the main Tempe campus. The four-story building also hosts MBA Administration and Career Management services for all graduate students. McCord Hall has 14 classrooms, 10 interview rooms, 58 team rooms, 65 open work stations and four lounges. Because all MBA students live off campus, this is the main hub for each class.

Academic & Professional clubs

  • BIMA (Business Information Management Association)
  • Consulting Club
  • Entrepreneurship Society
  • Finance Association
  • GSCMA (Graduate Supply Chain Management Association)
  • Healthcare Club
  • Strategic Marketing Association
  • Conscious Capitalism
  • MBAA
  • Net Impact
  • Volunteer Council
  • Women’s Leadership Association
  • Product Management Club

Extracurricular or social clubs

  • Golf Club
  • Improv Club
  • Spanish Club
  • StandOut MBA
  • Toast Devils
  • Wine Society
  • MBA Association
  • MBA Student Ambassadors

MBA Careers

Career Services

W.P. Carey Career Services office provides many ways for students to develop professionally during their time at the school. These services include job coaching with members of the office staff, resume and interview workshops, and an on-campus recruiting schedule. In addition to general career fairs, W.P. Carey Career Services also sponsor industry-specific events. For instance, they host Internship Fairs in September and February and Supply Chain Management Association Career Fairs in both September and January.

Career Statistics

By graduation, 73% of the Class of 2020 had received job offers, and within three months of graduation that percentage rose to 92%. The mean starting salary for W.P. Carey graduates was $134,955.

Twenty-six percent of the Class of 2020 joined the technology industry. The next most popular career choices were consulting, which claimed 15% of graduates, and manufacturing, which claimed 11% of the latest class. Health Care Products and Services took 9% of the class, and the rest joined consumer packaged goods, retail, transportation and logistics services, accounting, nonprofit, energy, and other industries.

W.P. Carey maintains the general business school trend of placing a considerable percentage of its graduates in the region where the school is located. In this case, 35% of the Class of 2020 found work in the Southwestern U.S. The West was the second most popular location for graduates, with 32% of the class starting their careers there. Twelve percent headed to the South.


Total cost of the Carey MBA program for Arizona residents matriculating in the fall of 2023 is $61,354. For non-residents, the estimated total program cost is $102,580 while internationals cover $107,923. 

U.S. citizens and permanent residents can avail themselves of different loan programs, including Federal Unsubsidized Loans and Federal Graduate PLUS Loans. There are a limited number of assistantships available to incoming students, which require a 10-hour commitment.


Address of Main Campus:
450 E. Lemon St.
Tempe, AZ 85287
Phone: 480-965-3332
Email: [email protected]
Twitter Handle:@WPCareySchool