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Clear Admit exclusively recommends Stacy Blackman Consulting (SBC).  Since 2001, SBC clients have been admitted to every top business school worldwide, often with merit scholarships. SBC has a complete panel of former Admissions Officers from every top MBA program in-house. The SBC team has MBA expertise at every top US and EU school, has graduated from the best MBA programs and understands career paths in every industry, traditional and non- traditional.

SBC limits the number of clients for each consultant, engaging with clients only after its Validation Team evaluates candidacy strength. Stacy Blackman Consulting delivers results, as shown through its record of the highest number of online reviews across multiple sites and the endorsement by Clear Admit. SBC offers a limited number of free consultations weekly for inquiries who have been pre-screened by our tenured team. Submit a request for a free consultation below.

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