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Clear Admit has an unparalleled understanding of what the top B-Schools look for in winning candidates. They gave my HBS application a very thorough appraisal, pointing out potential weak points which I had not identified myself. This enabled me to build on the strengths of my application, and think through the best presentation of its weaknesses. The mock interview service was perfect preparation for the real thing; it was rigorous, challenging, and forced me to address the weaker areas of my application. The questions, level of difficulty and pace turned out to be almost identical to my actual HBS interview. Clear Admit knows how to build confidence; B-School interviews can be intimidating, but, having collaborated with Clear Admit, I felt totally positive walking into my HBS interview and emerged from the process with an acceptance.

Client attending Harvard

I selected Clear Admit after talking to over a half-dozen other admissions consulting firms because I knew, right from that first phone call, that this was the best company around.  Since then, I have been truly grateful for all of the help I received from Clear Admit and especially from my admissions consultant, Deena.  Clear Admit’s comprehensive, personalized, and well designed process ended up being a huge asset in my application.  It started with a thorough and honest candidate evaluation that was not just an assessment of my strengths and weaknesses, but was more like hiring an executive coach.  Clear Admit helped with every subsequent part of the application: the resume, school selection, essays, selecting and prepping recommenders, short answer sections of the application, interview preparation, all the way to acceptance.  I know for a fact that this process, and the expertise provided, played a major part in being accepted into all three programs I applied to – Harvard’s full-time MBA, Wharton’s MBA for Executives, and Columbia’s EMBA-Global.  In addition, Clear Admit was exceptionally helpful when I had to make a change in plans.  In the middle of preparing applications, I was offered a job I couldn’t turn down.  We put the applications on hold, and Deena and Clear Admit were perfectly willing to pick up where we left off a year later.  Finally, as an applicant who was on that border between MBAs and EMBAs in age and experience, Deena was excellent at guiding me through the process and bringing out my best qualities for each program.  I would recommend Clear Admit to anyone who wants the edge from the best admissions consulting company around.

– Client accepted to Wharton, Harvard and Columbia EMBA-Global

What distinguishes Clear Admit is their strategy-centric approach to the services they provide. I believe it was this focus in particular that helped me to produce extremely personal and persuasive essays that ultimately gained me admission to The Wharton School this year. Having worked with Clear Admit through the essay writing and interview phases of the application process, I found their thoroughness and attention to detail through each application phase invaluable. I was also impressed by their deep insight into what the admissions officers were looking for. The Clear Admit team was a great resource to me throughout the application process and they always found time to guide me through any questions and issues I had. I would recommend Clear Admit to any applicant determined to maximize their chances for admissions to business school.
Client attending Wharton

I was a re-applicant that wasn’t quite sure what went wrong the first time around.  Stacey quickly identified that my long term career goals needed to be more focused, and she guided me through an intense soul-searching process.  Right off the bat, it became clear that my counselor was personally interested in my success.  I wasn’t expecting this level of support; I found it incredibly motivating and valuable.

Client admitted to Kellogg and Tuck

Thanks for all of your help. I truly believe that my applications would have been very weak without your guidance. I would recommend you to anyone without any reservations, especially people who really want to get into Tuck.

– Client accepted to Tuck, Kellogg, Darden and Anderson

There is no question that working with Clear Admit dramatically improved my MBA application success. My essays were drastically improved through Clear Admit’s expertise and thoughtfulness. The process and feedback mechanism were helpful in challenging me to think honestly and critically about my goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Working with Clear Admit also provided structure so that I found the process much less stressful than I otherwise would have. I’d even venture to say it was enjoyable. There is no question that, if I had the process to do over again, I would make the same choice and work with Clear Admit.
Client attending Stanford

I chose Clear Admit for their extensive experience in the admissions process and recommend them for this reason, as well as for the extremely professional and ethical approach they took to my candidacy. I wasn’t looking for an essay editor, but rather an experienced and objective advisor, and found precisely this in Clear Admit. My consultant was extremely honest about my chances from the beginning, clearly detailing my strengths and weaknesses, and focusing initially on the overall strategy of my candidacy. Every change that took place in my application was the result of extensive discussion between us and, in the end, every word was my own. This allowed me to incorporate my consultant’s suggestions on how to concisely and powerfully convey the ideas the admissions committees were looking for and yet also keep my passion and my own voice. I believe it was this combination that played a key role in my acceptance to Harvard Business School and very much doubt I would have been able to achieve it without Clear Admit’s help!
Client attending Harvard

I believe that Clear Admit played a major role in helping me to refine my applications and highlight my areas of strength. Clear Admit provided very honest and open feedback on my credentials and helped me to understand the key elements that admissions committees search for in applications. My consultant was able to tailor his advice for each of the schools I applied to, and was always willing to help meet critical deadlines. I was very pleased with the results of my application efforts, and would recommend Clear Admit without hesitation to anyone interested in improving their MBA application.
Client attending Kellogg

There is absolutely NO way I would have been accepted to three highly ranked business school had I not used Clear Admit’s services. Clear Admit not only helped me narrow down my list of schools, but was able to help me market myself in a consistent, unique, and competitive manner that I believe allowed me to stand out to the admission committees. As a nontraditional applicant, I was worried that I didn’t have a good enough story. My consultant helped me tell my story and was able to turn my perceived weakness into a definite strength. He helped me decide whether to take the GMAT again, edit my essays, and prepare for my interviews. In fact, at my three interviews, I did not get asked a single question that my consultant hadn’t already asked me during my mock interview. Although my GMAT score was close to 40 points below the average of the schools at which I was accepted, Clear Admit did an amazing job of helping me highlight the strengths of my application. I would recommend Clear Admit to anyone applying to business school. They can help you get in to schools that may, at first, seem out of your league.
Client attending UCLA

Clear Admit possesses unrivaled insight into business school admissions. Clear Admit has an exceptional ability to provide essay guidance and advice without compromising the author’s voice or intent. Finally, Clear Admit keeps all of the aspects of your candidacy in mind when working with you. This enables the client to convey a holistic, complete picture to the admission committee.
Client attending Wharton

I applied to 4 top 10 business schools. For three schools (Stanford, Wharton & Columbia), I completed the applications on my own, and for one (HBS), I took the assistance of Clear Admit. I was admitted to only HBS! This is a reflection of the immense difference that Clear Admit can make to your application. Clear Admit’s consultants make sure every word counts, every sentence links up to the next and most importantly they push you to tell a compelling story. They know the application process inside out, really care about you and your essays and tailor their reviews to your specific application. Their feedback was an invaluable part of my business school application. If you are serious about business school, take their help. It was an investment that yielded me great returns!
Client attending Harvard

Due to Clear Admit’s stellar essay editing, comprehensive candidate assessment and resume revisions, I felt I put my best foot forward on my applications. I have been fortunate to be accepted to Kellogg, and I truly feel it is a great fit for me professionally and personally. Clear Admit is really the gold standard when it comes to admissions consulting.
Client attending Kellogg

To get into Wharton, the best admissions advice would be from the horse’s mouth – someone who has actually been through the MBA program and served on the Wharton admissions committee. After an initial chat with Clear Admit, it was immediately clear to me that these were the people who could help put my qualifications and passion into an appropriate framework for my essays and resume. I especially liked their personalized service and mock interviews. Clear Admit helped me avoid pitfalls in my essays/interview that I would never have guessed existed. Since I did not have friends with knowledge of the MBA program (much less the admissions process), Clear Admit’s services were of immense value to me. Their professionalism and friendliness made our entire interaction smooth and productive. In this cut-throat competition, I’m glad I could have this extra edge.
Client attending Wharton

The best thing about working with Clear Admit was their ability to convey how my application would be viewed in the context of the entire applicant pool. After talking with them at length about how the admissions committee seeks to build a class, I realized that certain aspects of my candidacy, which I was initially trying to cover up, were actually the great strengths of my application. Without Clear Admit’s help crafting my overall application strategy, I would have ignored critical (and unique) information about my candidacy, and would not have gotten into my dream school (Stanford). Clear Admit’s interview preparation, while expensive, is worth its weight in gold. Clear Admit is MUCH MORE than an essay editing service, and it shows. Thanks for everything!
Client attending Stanford

Anyone who feels daunted by the prospect of applying for an MBA program can do no better than employ Clear Admit to guide them through the process. Throughout the entire process, their positive criticism was unfailingly constructive and instructive. I can attest to the fact that their goal is to give you the best chance of succeeding with your applications, and they do so with a genuine personal interest in you as an individual and a candidate. Without Clear Admit, my applications to top European schools would have appeared amateurish and in all likelihood been rejected. There was a vast difference in terms of clarity, quality, tone, and professionalism between my first drafts and the materials I ultimately submitted. Above all, my collaboration with Clear Admit involved an outstanding level of personal attention and client service: all correspondence was answered swiftly and thoroughly, and there was an on-going interaction even after my applications had been completed. You will face extreme competition for places at a top MBA program, but Clear Admit can give you an advantage over other candidates in that arena through their knowledge and guidance. They will help you to identify your strongest qualities and accomplishments to represent to individual schools, and in doing so give you a better sense of the community, ethos, and structure of the schools you intend to apply to. Considering the potential rewards involved in earning a place in a leading MBA program, either in the States or overseas, I assure you that this is one of the best investments you can possibly make in your future.
Client attending HEC (France)

Using Clear Admit was like using a personal trainer: they were constantly there pushing me to strive to do more than I would have thought I could. Ultimately, it was this guidance that allowed me to get offers at three of the four Top 15 schools I applied to. Applying to b-school is certainly not easy, but Clear Admit gives you the road map you need to be competitive and achieve your goal of getting accepted.
Client attending Columbia

Clear Admit did a great job helping me settle on the overarching themes of my application. With these decided, Clear Admit also did a great job keeping me focused on these themes. However, what I am most impressed with is Clear Admit’s specific knowledge of individual programs. This knowledge allowed me to tailor my applications to each program. The subtle nuances that Clear Admit provided gave me the edge need to receive interview from both Harvard and Wharton and ultimately an admittance from Wharton. I can confidently say that, without Clear Admit’s help, I would not have been nearly as successful in my application process.
Client attending Wharton