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Once you’ve got a strategy and a schedule, you’ll want to make sure that each of your essays is well written and reflects the positioning you’ve chosen for a given MBA program. This typically starts with a school-specific brainstorming session in order to outline appropriate topic selection. Clear Admit will then read your essays and provide extensive feedback on grammar and content to ensure that your responses are engaging and supportive of your positioning strategy. All feedback is provided using the MS Word ‘track changes’ and ‘comments’ features. Thanks to our experience reading files, we know which clichés to avoid and which type of approach will resonate with an admissions representative at the schools you target.

Most candidates think that getting a quality recommendation is as easy as handing off a form to a former boss. This could not be further from the truth. Clear Admit helps candidates manage the process to ensure that your references are supporting and adding crucial third-party details to your candidacy. Recommendations are a vital portion of your file and must work in tandem with your essays and professional experience.

Should you take a prep course for the GMAT? How many times should you retake the test? What is the minimum score you will need, given your background and the schools you are considering? Are there things you should be doing in addition to your GMAT course in order to ensure a strong showing on the exam? Does the AWA matter? The Clear Admit team has experience with the GMAT (particularly with working towards 700+ scores). We know the answers to all of the questions above (and many others).

For many applicants, outside coursework is necessary before business school. This coursework can better prepare candidates for the rigors of an MBA program or serve to address an academic weakness and strengthen an application. Clear Admit can help you decide where to take these courses and how to obtain the best results from your outside coursework.