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Accepted students face a host of challenges when preparing to start business school. Clear Admit can give you the tips and advice to guarantee a productive pre-term and first semester at business school. We can even give you advice regarding the management of your career search and course load.

For many candidates, the application process does not end when decisions are posted. Waitlists are being used increasingly often by schools to bide time with borderline applications and see how things look in later rounds. Clear Admit can review your materials and help you to devise a waitlist strategy that will address any concerns the admissions office may have. We can dramatically increase your chances of acceptance off of the waitlist by helping you to pinpoint possible weaknesses in your file and address them in a way that will be well received by the committee.

Handling a rejection letter is not easy – especially when most schools do not offer specific feedback on your application. Even the programs that do offer feedback typically make you wait until the summer to find out why you were not admitted. Contact Clear Admit and we will provide you with a detailed assessment of your application(s). Our feedback session will help you get to the bottom of the trouble spots in your file and better prepare you for reapplication the following season – or for new applications to additional schools in the late rounds. We apply the methodologies used by top MBA admissions offices to assess applications and deliver valuable feedback in a timely fashion.

Clear Admit has helped hundreds of candidates get into business school. As such, we know quite a bit about tuition, loans, grants and scholarships. We can help you understand the maze of government forms and private lending options that exist for MBA students. Many students put this off and find themselves short of funds when school starts; we’ll help you prevent this from happening. We can also help international candidates understand any differences that may apply to eligibility for loans.