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September 14, 2021 8:12am ET
Applying: Berkeley / Haas, Columbia, MIT Sloan, NYU Stern, Stanford GSB
Intake Year: 2022
Pre-MBA Career: Chemistry, Software Engineering, Product Management
Post-MBA Target Industry: Technology Companies: Amazon , Apple , Facebook , Google , Hewlett Packard , IBM , LinkedIn , Microsoft , Tesla , Twitter , Uber
GRE: 328
GPA: 3.0
Years of Work Experience: 2.5
Location: Virginia
Post MBA Location: NYC, SF

Came after the podcast on Spotify and it's been so helpful hearing posts from similar backgrounds!

American born, grew up in China, moved back to America starting high school. Chemistry Undergrad (3.0 GPA in top 7 american chem undergrad), noticed it wasn't my passion but too late to switch majors, so instead took leadership roles, design internships and focused on proving technical skills with publication in junior year.

Conducted flexible display research at Italian chemical startup. Transitioned to mobile developer role in Banking, at the same time conducted research on haptics and led a machine learning project which bought us a patent filing and my first time leading engineers as a PM from start to finish. After my promotion after 1.5 yrs, formally transitioned to a role in PM.

Goal: noticed I lacked business foundations (was restricted from analyst tasks and asked to focus on leading tech team) + business foresight / leadership skills to be in product leadership in the future (CPO Level),
long term goal is to lead in a global scope in LinkedIn / FAANG + location change to NYC/SF