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September 13, 2020 5:30pm ET
Applying: Cambridge / Judge, London Business School, Oxford / Saïd
Intake Year: 2021
Pre-MBA Career: Accountant (CPA)
Post-MBA Target Industry: Technology, Entrepreneurship, Non Profit/SI
GPA: 3.65
Years of Work Experience: 14
Location: Bahamas
Post MBA Location: Bahamas based with global activity

I completed my undergrad in Canada. The first 10 years of my career focused on establishing my presence as a seasoned CPA. Started at KPMG in The Bahamas and completed a secondment in the USA for 3 years as well. I transitioned back to The Bahamas and worked in a senior finance role for an international conglomerate, where I had strategic influence in their launch of an IPO here in The Bahamas. At year ten, I started my own accounting and consulting firm. A boutique-sized entity catering to SMEs in luxury retail, logistics, health-care, food & beverage, and fintech. We have a heavy focus on technology in delivering our services. Parallel to my career, I progressed impactfully with my passion in Youth Development. I mentored high-school students for 10+ years on entrepreneurship, received several national and international awards for my work, and then established my own non-profit entity a few years ago (it's now on hold because of COVID). Entrepreneurship is my ultimate passion (I considered accounting to be the language of business and started my career there because I wanted to ensure I understood the framework of operating a company at a professional level before I decided on my Big-Hairy-Audacious-Goal for the world. My post-MBA goal is to establish an entity in The Bahamas that marries the language of business with technology in a way that advances the success of small businesses here in the country. I'm hoping to develop software that can be used in The Bahamas initially and then implemented globally.