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September 19, 2021 5:53pm ET
Applying: Cambridge / Judge, Cornell / Johnson, Dartmouth / Tuck, Duke / Fuqua, Oxford / Saïd, UCLA Anderson, USC / Marshall
Intake Year: 2022
Pre-MBA Career: Sales Operations Manager / Supply Chain and Operations
Post-MBA Target Industry: Technology, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods Companies: Amazon , Apple , Google , Johnson & Johnson , Roche , Anheuser Busch InBev , Nestle , Proctor & Gamble , Unilever
GPA: 2.93
Years of Work Experience: 5
Location: Brazil
Post MBA Location: US West Coast or England

Hi Alex and Ghagam. I love the the podcast and I have been listening it for the past year, thanks for all the guidance. I will introduce myself and goals and move to the help I need.

WHY A MBA? I graduated from Industrial Engineering and have been working in Supply Chain and Operations roles for the past ~5 years. Currently, I am still on Operations but with a bit of the commercial side as a Sales Operations Manager in the Healthcare industry. My goal in the long term is to move to a general management position and I believe the MBA will be a great asset to cover some knowledge gaps I have , especially in finance and strategy, and to enhance my leadership skills. My short term goal after the MBA is to get a Senior Management position that is more focused on Business Strategy where I can combine my operations background with the knowledge I gained in the MBA in other areas and develop the skills to move into general management.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Present - Sales Operations Imaging and Process Improvement Manager (in this role I own the end-to-end tsales funnel tracking, operational metrics, and processes for USD$150M/year business unit and lead a organization of 2 managers and 16 people). Past - Sales Operations Manager (Jan 21 – Aug 21)/ Operations and Billing Leader (Jul 19 - Dec 20)/ Operations Management Leadership Program ( with rotations as Operations Leder, Production Team Leader and S&OP and Inventory Specialist - Jul 17 - Jun 19).

NUMBERS: GMAT ( I will take it on October and aiming 700 as I am consistenly scoring this month between 680 and 700) / GPA 2.93 ( I know this is a extremely downside of my application; however, I have graduated in the third best University of Latin America and where there is not grade inflation and the average GPA of the class in lower than mine. Besides, most of my colleagues had to have an extra 1 or 2 years after high school to get in and my GPA improved during college, last year being 3.23).

OTHER: Female Brazilian . I have backpacked to more than 50 countries. Speak portuguese, english, french and spanish.

HELP NEEDED: I need your help regarding where my profile stands in the MBAs tier. As my GPA is low I have not included in my list any M7 and even so I am worried on the impact on the GPA and not outstanding GMAT on my profile. Besides that, I would like to understand how to position my GPA in the extra essay and if I should include the information shared here. And Last question, I dont have a target industry, only function, will that hurt my application? Should I choose some before aplying?