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May 9, 2024 4:17pm ET
Applying: Carnegie Mellon / Tepper, Cornell / Johnson, Dartmouth / Tuck, Duke / Fuqua, Harvard Business School, HEC Paris, Michigan / Ross, MIT Sloan, Northwestern / Kellogg, NYU Stern, U. Chicago Booth, UPenn / Wharton, UVA / Darden, Yale SOM
Intake Year: 2025
Pre-MBA Career: Product Associate
Post-MBA Target Industry: Consulting, Technology, Asset Management, inc. HF, Commercial Banking, Non Profit/SI Companies: AT Kearney , Bain , Booz Allen Hamilton , BCG , Deloitte , McKinsey , Amazon , Apple , Facebook , Google , Hewlett Packard , IBM , Lenova , LinkedIn , Microsoft , Oracle , Tesla , Uber , Blackrock , Goldman Sachs , JP Morgan Asset Management , Vanguard , Bank of America , Bank of New York , Capital One , Citibank , Goldman Sachs , JP Morgan , Morgan Stanley , PNC Bank , State Street , Wells Fargo
GMAT: 720
GPA: 3.78
Years of Work Experience: 5
Location: Mumbai, India
Post MBA Location: United States

My childhood dream of becoming "everything" when I grew up might have seemed unrealistic, but in hindsight, it perfectly reflects my career trajectory. Growing up in a middle-class Indian family, stability and predictability were valued. This steered me towards Chartered Accountancy, a secure and respected profession. While I excelled in this role, a nagging curiosity about technology and a desire to make a real impact simmered within me. This internal conflict would become the driving force behind my professional journey – a constant exploration of where my passions and purpose intersected.

Embracing the analytical rigor of Chartered Accountancy, I honed my attention to detail and problem-solving skills. But the call of technology proved too strong. So, I made a bold move, transitioning to consulting at Deloitte. Leading the Accounts Receivable module for Ford USA was a crash course in project management and cross-cultural collaboration. The success of the project, `which led to my promotion to Senior Consultant` , was a testament to my ability to deliver under pressure. However, the fragmented nature of consulting left me yearning for a deeper connection to the product development lifecycle.

This yearning led me to Vera Solutions, a social impact organization that perfectly aligned with my values. Beyond the social good aspect, I saw a chance to leverage technology for positive change. Fueled by my analytical background, I spearheaded the development of an analytics tool, diving into vast datasets to identify user behavior and client satisfaction. These insights helped us tailor communication strategies, leading to a remarkable 5% reduction in churn rate. This experience underscored the power of data-driven decision making in the product world. Furthermore, I streamlined the design process flow, defining key stages and milestones to ensure a smooth development pipeline. These achievements cemented my passion for product ownership and the impact technology can have on social initiatives.

`My passion for social impact extends beyond Vera Solutions. I actively volunteer with Resolution Project and Tavishi, NGOs focused on child safety and education. These experiences have provided me with invaluable insights into the challenges faced by underprivileged communities, further reinforcing my commitment to using technology for positive social change.`

My vision for the future is clear – to build a social impact company that harnesses technology to create lasting change. Business school represents the next crucial step in this journey. The opportunity to learn from diverse individuals, develop my leadership skills (mentioning examples of leadership from your career or volunteering work), and gain a comprehensive understanding of various industries will be invaluable assets on this path. My short-term goals align with this vision – to hone my product management skills in a Big Tech company or contribute strategic insights as a consultant to understand the constraints and solve for such issues in varies sectors across companies and projects. Throughout my career, I have actively sought challenges, constantly seeking new avenues to learn and grow. Business school represents another exciting chapter in this continuous learning process.

As the first person in my family to pursue this path, I am not only driven to excel academically but also to contribute meaningfully to the business school community. The prospect of collaborating with like-minded individuals who share a passion for innovation and social good fills me with immense enthusiasm. My diverse experiences, unwavering commitment to growth, and burning desire to create positive change make me a strong candidate for an MBA.