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February 10, 2024 4:37pm ET
Applying: Columbia, Duke / Fuqua, NYU Stern, UPenn / Wharton
Intake Year: 2025
Pre-MBA Career: Consulting
Post-MBA Target Industry: Technology, Consumer Goods Companies: Google , Coca Cola , LVMH , Nike , PepsiCo , Other
GPA: 3.58
Years of Work Experience: 4
Post MBA Location: NYC

Demographics: 25 female, URM, will have 5 years work experience by the time I matriculate (Fall 2025), 3.58 GPA from a highly ranked liberal arts college in the northeast where I studied a non-finance / business major. I don't have test scores yet but am studying for the GRE.

Work: Have been a management consultant in the fin-tech space at a big 4 consulting firm since 2020 and have one (early) promotion under my belt. I have experience in fin-tech product development and implementation but would like to pivot to marketing in the consumer goods / luxury goods / potentially tech industry post-MBA

EC's: I was highly active in clubs and orgs while in undergrad (perhaps more than I was in my classes) i.e. executive boards of the women's center, affinity groups, student government, investment club, greek life; was part of academic honor societies, was a resident advisor, was selected by the college to be the student convocation speaker one year, etc. Post-grad, I've mentored URM college students, I volunteer with 2 non-profits, am involved in women's recruiting efforts at my firm and do pro-bono consulting for non-profits through my firm.

I'm confident that I'll get good letters of recc from my bosses.

Will I be a strong enough applicant for Columbia or Wharton? My post-MBA career goals are perhaps less traditional i.e. consulting ---> marketing, which makes me wonder if they will deem me a risk? Any thoughts?