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March 9, 2024 8:19pm ET
Applying: Columbia, Cornell / Johnson, NYU Stern, U. Chicago Booth, UPenn / Wharton, Yale SOM
Intake Year: 2024
Pre-MBA Career: Law, Real Estate Private Equity, Nonprofit
Post-MBA Target Industry: Investment Banking Companies: Morgan Stanley
GRE: 330
GPA: 3.59
Years of Work Experience: 8
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Post MBA Location: Chicago

My background is in Paralegal and Fund operations work in capital markets. I started out at a non-profit where I created a community fund and engaged the community to invest in affordable housing projects on the south side of Chicago. Next, I matriculated into an international law firm where I worked on the legal side of Real estate PE and restructuring work. At this point, I realized that business was my interest and not law. So I obtained a job at a RE PE firm where I led a team of executives through the acquisition phase. I also presented in front of investors which led to the team raising significant capital for further deals. I need the MBA because I'm trying to pivot to RE Investment Banking. My long-term goal is to go back to Real Estate Private Equity in a senior position.

Current Transferable Skills:
Attention to Detail, Project Management, Real Estate quantitative and qualitative analysis, Time Management, Presentation and Fundraising.

Community Board Member at a local community hospital where I led a campaign for people to get healthy checkups in low income communities.

Policy Coordinator of a Job taskforce where I worked with business leaders and faithbased organizations to provide hundreds of jobs to teens from low income communities in the Chicagoland area.

Chair of the Housing Taskforce where I worked with landlords and banks to qualify low-income resident to be homeowners and those who were not qualified, we partnered them with landlords who could help them by reporting rent payments to their credit which will get them qualified at a later date.

Coordinator of Several Nonprofits where I led the charge of bringing together community stakeholders to provide the greater good for the Chicagoland community.