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November 16, 2023 4:06pm ET
Applying: Columbia, Cornell / Johnson, Dartmouth / Tuck, NYU Stern, UVA / Darden
Intake Year: 2024
Pre-MBA Career: Financial Services - Risk Management
Post-MBA Target Industry: Consulting Companies: Bain , BCG , Deloitte , McKinsey
GRE: 326
GPA: 3.3
Years of Work Experience: 6
Location: Canada
Post MBA Location: NYC

Female, east asian
Top 3 Canadian university, hard double quant major
GRE (161Q), which is a little low but I would rather focus my time on applications for Round 2.

Big 5 bank in Canada
Progressed from a business analyst role to more of a quant analysis role.

Pivoting into consulting with an emphasis on financial services consulting, eventually exiting into financial product management. My reason for this is that I find myself to be too narrowly focusing on one specific area of risk management, and want to use an MBA gain a broader perspective and more exposure to different parts of financial institutions, and then to eventually exit into a product role at a financial institution/fintech, not sure if this makes sense logically.

I am concerned about my lower GPA and not as high quant score, but hoping the quant background in school and at work helps that out. I am also slightly concerned about my lack of extracurriculars, but that can't really be helped anymore. I do think that my recs will be strong, so just need to write some good essays.

Looking for any advice/recommendations on if these schools are within my target schools, and if I should add/drop any schools.