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October 16, 2020 3:45pm ET
Applying: Dartmouth / Tuck, Harvard Business School, Michigan / Ross, MIT Sloan, Northwestern / Kellogg, U. Chicago Booth, UPenn / Wharton
Intake Year: 2022
Pre-MBA Career: Military, Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Post-MBA Target Industry: Consulting, Technology Companies: Bain , BCG , McKinsey , Amazon , Apple , Facebook , Google , Microsoft , Tesla
GRE: 321
GPA: 3.5
Years of Work Experience: 7
Location: Clarksville, TN
Post MBA Location: Boston, MA

I want to pivot from the military to management consulting at MBB or a product manager for a large tech company. I know they are very different goals but I have some time, so I'm not terribly concerned. I want to live in Boston post-mba.

I've taken the GRE twice and the second time was the 321 with a 160V and 161Q. The first was only a 316.

I went to a top 50 public undergraduate university and majored in accounting. While in college I was very involved in my College's ROTC program where I competed in several team based military skills and fitness competitions. As a team we won our Midwest division twice and competed at West Point's revered "Sandhurst" competition. I also ran for my colleges 10 Miler team. I also worked in college in the service industry and for the art department.

My EC's are not very strong right now. I've been very busy with work, but I do enjoy staying fit, fishing, mushroom hunting, and renovating my house. I want to get into some charity work or mentoring but I don't want to seem like I'm simply doing it for the application. Any advice on that?

My military career has been in Explosive Ordnance Disposal or more well know as the bomb squad. I've managed three bomb tech teams covering explosive hazards in the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Arizona. Additionally a deployment as an Executive Officer to Afghanistan where we conducted missions with Special Forces, NATO allies, and conventional forces. The scope of my career has also been heavily involved in missions with Secret Service and consulting for them stateside and internationally. However, the most rewarding and possibly the most impactful was spending four months teaching explosive mitigation techniques to allied partners in Africa. That opportunity directly resulted in the increased survivability of that countries Bomb techs. I will end my time in service prior to matriculation, therefore I will have no work experience outside the military.

I would love some feedback on any other schools I should target, or if I should remove some schools from my list. I plan on narrowing the list down to 5 when it comes time to apply. I would also like some feedback on what else I can do from now until the application process in 2021.

P.s. I love the podcast and listen to one on the way to work each day and sometimes on the way home. Thanks for the excellent advice. I would be thrilled to make it on a podcast.