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May 14, 2022 10:42am ET
Applying: Harvard Business School
Intake Year: 2023
Pre-MBA Career: 2 years at social think tank found data analysis, 1 year at edtech company doing product and marketing data analysis, 1 year at big streaming company doing data analysis. Big impact at each org, especially current company which has a big name. Have been promoted once at first company, transitioned into tech with second company, and received another level bump with current company although same title. Will be promoted in current company in Sept/Oct
Post-MBA Target Industry: Technology, Entrepreneurship
GPA: 3.69
Years of Work Experience: 4
Location: East Coast
Post MBA Location: East Coast

Demographics: immigrant, black, Latina, woman, first gen, from low income background. Graduated from top liberal arts college with a psychology major.

Work experience: I’ve led high impact and high visibility projects, will have very strong recommendations from current and former managers.

My why: I have a very strong background in data and precedence on making data driven, actionable recommendations. I want to be on the other side and drive decision making and long term strategy. I still want to remain in data but want to become an executive and be an influential person on the field.

Why only HSB? I want to stay on the East Coast and would only get an MBA from GSB or HSB, mostly because of the networking opportunities and the prestige (I know, not the best reasoning).

Thinking about taking the GRE instead of GMAT, starting to prep now. I think this will be my weakest point because I’m not good with standardized testing.

Not sure if I’m being delusional by trying to get an MBA and only apply to reach schools, would like a reality check pls.