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March 9, 2024 7:16pm ET
Applying: Indiana / Kelley, Northwestern / Kellogg, Notre Dame / Mendoza, U. Chicago Booth, UPenn / Wharton, Washington U. / Olin
Intake Year: 2024
Pre-MBA Career: Non-Profit/K-12 Education
Post-MBA Target Industry: Consulting, Private Equity, Entrepreneurship, Non Profit/SI Companies: Accenture , Deloitte , McKinsey , Other
GRE: 326
GPA: 3.67
Years of Work Experience: 6
Location: Indiana
Post MBA Location: Saint Louis

I taught for two years in an under-resourced school and earned a Masters of Education. For the past four years, I have worked for a non-profit and graduate school program that recruits and forms talented teachers.

I desire to go to business school in order to develop the management skills and hard financial background needed to make an impact in launching and funding innovations in education. In the short term, I would hope to work for a consultancy or fund making an impact in the education sector. In the long term, I'd like to launch and lead my own K-12 school in St. Louis.