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May 4, 2024 9:39am ET
Applying: Stanford GSB
Pre-MBA Career: EdTech
Post-MBA Target Industry: Technology, Entrepreneurship, Non Profit/SI
GRE: 325
GPA: 3.6
Years of Work Experience: 6

Stanford GSB is my dream MBA program for multiple reasons (entrepreneurship focus, location, size, social impact) to the point where I'm considering doing a 'Stanford or bust' approach to MBA applications. With that in mind, I want to think about how to bring my best application forward when I apply Round 1 in 2025 (for a 2026 intake) and/or if I should be rethinking my app strategy.

Age: 27

Nationality: American

Race: Mixed (Asian/Pacific Islander/White)

Gender: Female

Current Title:

Senior Program Manager at a B-Corp, public edtech company; trying to pivot to a Senior Product Marketing role right now

Also an educational content creator with ~200k followers on YouTube; will likely have at least 500k by the time of applying (I approach building this channel as a full business, and while I own the creative production and strategy, I also collaborate with others including freelance editors, brand teams, and a management team)

Undergrad: Top 10 Undergrad in US

GPA: 3.6 (majors were media & business - little to no quant background)


- YouTube channel (a job and extracurricular, I guess)
- Volunteer admissions interviewer for my undergrad for past 4 years
- Volunteer alumni mentorship program
- Digital nomad - past 4 years I've spend 25% of the year traveling, mostly abroad, while working
- Hobbies include improv comedy, yoga, and tennis but not sure if any of those would be captured in an application?

GRE: 325 (Verbal 162; Quant 163) (I think I'm going to take these again to try and get those scores up)

Post-MBA Goals: Starting a larger media brand/company that would create digital education content; or working at a very early-stage startup in a marketing leadership role (ideally at a social-impact focused startup)

- I started a video marketing company in undergrad that I ran for 3 years; had lots of large hospital clients
- I was a part-time professional voiceover artist for 2 years (side business I started during COVID when I was bored)
- My Youtube content has been featured/I've been interviewed on multiple national news sites

(PS. I actually submitted one of these entries back in 2020 when I was first thinking of doing an MBA! At the time you all told me that if I didn't get into my top programs that I should hold off for a future intake, and I'm glad I have! I think my career has grown a lot since then; I've gotten to work on really interesting projects at my company; I've grown a business outside of work; etc. and now I'm feeling like it might be close to making sense for an MBA)