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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Clear Admit’s MBA DecisionWire below. If you have additional questions, please contact [email protected].

Who should complete MBA DecisionWire?

Anyone who has made a final decision regarding which MBA program they will attend is encouraged to share their information. This includes applicants this year, as well as current MBA students and alumni. The information entered in response to “Entering Year” will distinguish current applicants and their decisions from those of candidates from prior years.

In addition to inputting your own data, MBA DecisionWire is designed to allow users to search their favorite programs and see the decisions made by those who applied, were admitted to and/or enrolled in those programs. It is therefore also useful for applicants who are just starting to research which programs they should apply to, as well as for admitted applicants who are deciding which program to attend. 

What if I am having trouble submitting my entry?

If you are unable to submit your complete entry, please e-mail [email protected] and include your data (schools applied, admitted, enrolled, Year of Entry and any other information).

What if one or more of the schools I applied to is not listed?

Please select “Other” to note if you applied to, were admitted to or enrolled in a school that is not listed.  In the Notes section, please indicate the unlisted school(s).

What if I have submitted deposits for two schools but am still determining where I will ultimately enroll?

In this case, you are not ready to submit a response via MBA DecisionWire. The product is designed for those who have made final decisions in terms of which school they plan to attend, are attending or have attended.

What if I have changed my mind in terms of where I plan to enroll?

This does happen. During the summer, for example, some schools start admitting more candidates from their waitlists, resulting in some decision changes. If you find yourself in this situation, please add a new entry and contact [email protected] to notify us so that we can remove your existing entry.