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The MBA admissions process is a high-stakes exercise in marketing. Business schools are eager to look beyond a candidate’s grades and test scores to learn about the big picture of a candidate’s experiences, aspirations, interests and skills. While this presents an exciting opportunity, it also entails a significant challenge. MBA applicants must carefully evaluate their backgrounds, strategically selecting those experiences and examples that demonstrate their most valuable strengths and highlight the qualities that will resonate with each of their target schools. This core message, once developed, must then be presented clearly and convincingly across all elements of one’s application.

With more and more qualified applicants competing each year for a limited number of coveted seats, even the strongest candidates need every advantage they can get. We’ve created the Clear Admit Strategy Guides to offer just this assistance. We’ve distilled our key strategic insights and best practices into a series of detailed guides covering key pieces of the MBA application. The titles in the Strategy Guides will teach you to:

  • Present your credentials for maximum impact
  • Highlight your most salient strengths
  • Establish a well-rounded impression
  • Communicate clearly with the reader
  • Speak to all of the admissions committee’s interests and concerns

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