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Women 33%
Avg. GMAT n/a

The F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business of Babson College, located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, offers One-Year and Two-Year full-time MBA options along with part-time Online, Flex, and Blended Learning MBA options. The curriculum emphasizes entrepreneurship, experiential learning, and leadership; however, the underlying methodology to education at Babson is “Entrepreneurial Thinking & Acting,” which teaches students to create, identify, assess, shape, and act in diverse contexts.


What is the tuition for Babson Olin’s MBA program?

The tuition for Babson Olin’s Two-year MBA program is $71,564 for the first year and $41, 790 for the second year.

What is the average GMAT score for admission to Babson Olin’s MBA program?

Babson Olin maintains a test-optional policy and does not report the average GMAT score for the incoming class. Historically, classes have averaged a score of 640.

Does the Babson Olin MBA program accept the GRE?

Yes. The Babson Olin MBA program has accepted the GRE for a while now.

What is the minimum number of years of work experience required for admission to Babson Olin’s MBA program?

Babson Olin does not state a minimum requirement for years of work experience. However, they do require a professional (non-academic) recommendation, which implies that they do expect candidates to have work experience.

What is the average starting salary for graduates of the Babson Olin MBA program?

The average starting salary for Babson Olin MBA graduates in the U.S. is $117,627.

How long is Babson Olin’s full-time MBA program?

Babson Olin offers a traditional 2 year MBA program. They also offer a one year option for candidates with a business background.

What are the application deadlines for Babson Olin’s MBA program?

The deadlines for Babson Olin’s Two-year MBA program are October 25, 2023; January 10, 2024; March 20, 2024 and April 24, 2024. Admissions then become rolling until the class is full.

What percent of Babson Olin’s MBA students are women?

Thirty-seven percent of the class at Babson Olin are women.


The Class Profile

Over 100 students comprise the Two-Year MBA Class at Babson Olin. The class is comprised of 33% women and 85% international students. Thirty-eight percent of domestic students identify as students of color. The group matriculated with an average of 6 years of work experience.

Application Procedures

Applicants should provide an online application, essays, a current résumé, one letter of recommendation, official transcripts, and a $100 application fee. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, GMAT/GRE test scores will be waived for all full-time graduate applicants. Interviews are also part of the application process and they are given by invitation only. International applicants may also need to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores, certified English translations of transcripts, and a description of institutions attended. Babson Olin typically has four rounds of deadlines, after which admissions become rolling.

Application Checklist
Online Application
Short answer questions
Official Transcripts
$100 application Fee
GMAT or GRE Scores (optional)
TOEFL/IELTS Scores (if applicable)

Essay Topic Analysis

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Interview Reports

Babson / Olin Q&A's

Babson / Olin LiveWire and DecisionWire

MBA LiveWire

May 3, 2024 12:23pm ET
Accepted to Babson / Olin
Round: Round 4
Received via email May 3, 2024
GPA: 3.67
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Post MBA Career Name: Entrepreneurship

Received scholarship

March 30, 2024 4:17am ET
Accepted to Babson / Olin
Round: Round 2
Received via email on March 14, 2024
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Post MBA Career Name: Finance
Application Location: Africa

Admitted to Brandeis MBA. Undecided but Babson deposit deadline is very closed

March 15, 2024 9:16am ET
Accepted to Babson / Olin
Round: Round 2
Received via email on March 14, 2024
GMAT: 620
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Application Location: Brazil
March 14, 2024 1:37pm ET
Accepted to Babson / Olin
Round: Round 2
Received via email March 14, 2024
GMAT: 615
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Post MBA Career Name: Finance
Application Location: Brazil

Interviewed on Jan 5th.

March 14, 2024 1:35pm ET
Accepted to Babson / Olin
Round: Round 2
Received via email March 14, 2024
GPA: 4.0
GMAT: 615
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Post MBA Career Name: Entrepreneurship
Application Location: Mexico

Acceptance with $$!

March 14, 2024 8:30am ET
Accepted to Babson / Olin
Round: Round 2
Received via email March 14, 2024
GMAT: 650
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
February 15, 2024 9:53pm ET
Interview Invite to Babson / Olin
Round: Round 2
Received via email February 15, 2024
GPA: 4.97
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
February 9, 2024 6:23pm ET
Interview Invite to Babson / Olin
Round: Round 2
Received via email February 9, 2024
GPA: 4
GMAT: 615
Program Type: Traditional Two-Year
Post MBA Career Name: Entrepreneurship
Application Location: Latam

MBA DecisionWire

June 21, 2024 12:39pm ET
Enrolled: Harvard Business School
Admitted: Harvard Business School $
Stanford GSB
Applied: Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB
Entering Year: 2024
Post MBA Career: Entrepreneurship
GMAT: 760
June 18, 2024 6:38pm ET
Enrolled: Undecided
Admitted: U. Chicago Booth , Northwestern / Kellogg , UCLA Anderson $
UNC Kenan-Flagler $
Applied: U. Chicago Booth, Northwestern / Kellogg, UCLA Anderson, UNC Kenan-Flagler
Entering Year: 2024
Post MBA Career: Consulting Companies: Bain, BCG, McKinsey
GMAT: 750

$120K from UCLA and a full scholarship from UNC Kenan-Flagler. I've been accepted into part-time MBA programs at Booth and Kellogg starting in September, with potential scholarships from both. My priorities are transitioning into consulting from software engineering, securing internships, and post-MBA recruitment. Which program would best?

June 14, 2024 2:00am ET
Enrolled: Other
Admitted: Other $
Applied: Carnegie Mellon / Tepper, Rochester / Simon, USC / Marshall, UT Austin / McCombs, Washington U. / Olin, Other
Entering Year: 2024
Post MBA Career: Consulting, Technology, Entrepreneurship Companies: Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, McKinsey, Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Other
GRE: 318
GPA: 3.64
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

I'm a triple jumper, coming from a creative advertising background on the West Coast trying to break into tech or consulting on the East Coast. I was accepted to Case Western Reserve Weatherhead ($$$), George Washington University ($$) and College of William & Mary (no $); WLed at USC, WUSTL, CMU. I'm enrolling at CWRU Weatherhead.

June 13, 2024 10:53am ET
Enrolled: U. Chicago Booth
Admitted: U. Chicago Booth
Applied: U. Chicago Booth
Entering Year: Other
Post MBA Career: Technology, Entrepreneurship
GMAT: 665
GPA: 3.99
Location: Utah

Deferred MBA Admit, GMAT Focus



Eighty-five percent of Babson College’s full-time faculty holds a doctoral (or equivalent terminal) degree. The faculty is comprised of executives and business leaders, who draw from their real-world experience to enhance classroom learning across 10 academic divisions. They are also actively engaged in research and have recently published works in the Journal of Business Venturing and Small Business Economics.


Babson faculty employ a combination of lectures, case studies and hands-on projects to teach the curriculum. Olin boasts integrating Entrepreneurial Thought and Action and Social, Environment, Economic Responsibility and Sustainability (SEERS) principles into their courses, so students understand the economic and social impact of their business decisions.

The two-year MBA curriculum at Babson Olin is broken down into four semesters. Students need 45 credits to graduate, 15 of which are core requirements. The core courses are completed in the first fall and spring semesters while the second year is wholly open to electives. The fall semesters run from August to December and the spring semesters run January through May. Babson MBA students use the summer for an internship, electives, traveling or other learning experiences. Babson MBA students also participate in Signature Learning Experiences (SLEs) that encourage the use of classroom knowledge in real-world business scenarios.

Experiential learning is another important component of the Babson MBA curriculum that gives students real-world insight into business practices and preparation for future careers. Consulting projects in particular are emphasized. MBA students have four options for the consulting programs, which pair student teams of 4-6 with partner organizations for a 7- to 14-week consulting project. The Babson Consulting Experience, Management Consulting Field Experience and Strategic Analysis Consulting Experience allow student teams to partner with outside organizations for real-world consulting experiences. MBA students may also opt to act as a project leader by mentoring a team of undergraduates through their consulting projects.

MBA students may also pursue concentrations or intensity tracks to complement their degree. Concentrations require 9 to 12 credits and are noted on a student’s official transcript. Current concentrations include business analytics, business analytics & machine learning, entrepreneurship, finance, quantitative finance, international business, and marketing. Meanwhile, the intensity tracks provide additional opportunities for experiential learning. These tracks include the Babson college fund, business and social innovation, entrepreneurship, family business; science, technology and the enterprise; and women innovating now lab.

MBA Degree Options

The One-Year and Two-Year MBA degree options are full-time. Babson also offers a part-time Flex MBA and a part-time Online MBA, both of which are hosted in the evenings. The Flex MBA is a combination of in-person learning and online studies. Flex MBA students are expected to attend classes on campus, in Boston or Wellesley, at least three of the seven nights for the core courses. Candidates have a choice of three start times for the Flex MBA degree—September, January, or May. For the Flex and Online MBAs, core courses account for 18 credits of the degree and 27 credits come from electives with the option to pursue a concentration. The Online MBA is typically completed in three years, but can be done in 18 months or longer depending on students’ needs.

Concentrations at Babson

  • Business Analytics
  • Business Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Quantitative Finance

MBA Degree Options

One-Year MBA Program

Two-Year MBA Program

Part-Time Flex MBA Program

Part-Time Online MBA Program

Campus Life

Clubs & Conferences

Olin has over 25 graduate student clubs and organizations, which cover everything from cultural affinity groups, such as the Babson Black Graduate Club, to professionally oriented clubs like the Babson Consulting and Babson Finance Clubs. Students can also explore their more personal hobbies or passions through groups focused on sports. There is also a Partners’ Club designed to help MBA students’ significant others get involved in the Babson community.

In addition, the school hosts conferences that may interest graduate business students. The Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, which has been ongoing since 1981, brings over 350 scholars who specialize in entrepreneurship to the school. In March 2021, Babson combined three of its student-hosted forums – the Entrepreneurship Forum, Babson Latin American Forum, and Babson India Symposium – into the Global Entrepreneurship Leadership Forum @ Babson. Attendees take part in interactive sessions with industry leaders regarding entrepreneurial challenges in myriad global contexts. Meanwhile, the Sustainability Club hosts an annual conference, inviting representatives from different functions (e.g. marketing, investors) to discuss sustainability in a range of sectors. The 2024 conference focused on green financing and ESG investing.

Campus Spaces

The main campus of Babson College is situated approximately 14 miles from the city of Boston in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The school also maintains centers in Boston, San Francisco, Miami, and Dubai. Babson’s main campus can be found in proximity to Exits 14 and 15 on the Massachusetts Turnpike and then Route 16 towards Newton/Wellesley.

Olin is located on the northern edge of Babson’s campus. Students of the graduate school complete most of their classes in Olin Hall, a building that includes event spaces, a café, and classrooms. MBA students may also take advantage of Babson’s centers and research institutes, fitness center, cafeteria, and student center as well as the Horn Library, which features research support and computer services for the Babson community.

MBA Careers

Career Services

The Babson Graduate Center for Career Development (CCD) provides career support for all MBA students. Students can use career assessment tools as well as work with coaches on mock interviews, elevator pitches, and negotiation techniques. Furthermore, MBA students can hear alumni speakers at Babson Connect and gain access to networking opportunities via Babson board members and alumni.

Career Statistics

Seventy-six percent of graduates seeking employment accepted a position within 3 months of graduation. The average base salary in the U.S. was $117,627 with signing bonuses averaging $35,108.

For the full-time MBA Classes of 2023, which includes MBA students in the One- or Two-Year program, 18% of graduates went into the technology industry. Seventeen percent pursued roles in manufacturing, followed by 16% going into financial services. Consulting took in 12% of graduates and eight percent each joined CPG/retail or life sciences/healthcare fields.



The tuition for Babson Olin’s Two-year MBA program is $71,564 for the first year (2023-2024) and $41,790 for the second year (2024-2025). The school also notes students can expect additional costs of about $15,120 for housing, $7,072 for food and other school and living expenses each year. Furthermore, an elective abroad may cost $3,300 to $6,000, while a semester abroad ranges from $7,800 to $12,800.

Financial Aid

Full-time MBA merit awards are available for applicants. The Olin MBA Fellows, Babson MBA Fellows, Babson MBA Diversity Fellows, and Price Babson MBA Fellows receive full tuition. President’s MBA Scholars and Dean’s Scholars receive partial tuition. Nine other fellowships and scholarships are also available. These may be tailored to candidates such as women leaders, entrepreneurs, and veterans.

Need-based scholarships are available for both incoming and returning MBA students. They may support Wellesley residents, Canadian citizens, students who have worked for a nonprofit, and those who have experienced financial need.


Mailing Address:
231 Forest Street
Babson Park, Massachusetts 02457-0310

Phone: 781-239-4317
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @BabsonGraduate, @BabsonAdmission