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Class Size 39
Women 38%
Mean GMAT n/a
Nationalities 17

emlyon business school was founded in 1872 by the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is a private higher-education establishment recognized by the French State. It is one of the oldest business schools in Europe.

emlyon is among the 1% of global business schools to be accredited by the three international accreditation systems: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. While emlyon hosts six campuses, including Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Paris, Shanghai, Bhubaneswar and Mumbai, the business school is located in Lyon, France. emlyon offers the International MBA on a full-time and a part-time basis. Hallmarks of the International MBA program include a small class size that allows for interactions with professors and experts, career support from day 1, and hands-on learning. The school’s motto is “doing to learn, learning to do.”

International MBA Full Time

International MBA Part Time

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What is the tuition for emlyon’s MBA program?

The tuition for emlyon's MBA program is €39,800.

What is the average GMAT score for admission to emlyon’s MBA program?

emlyon does not publish the average GMAT score for admission to their MBA program.

Does the emlyon MBA program accept the GRE?

Yes, the emlyon International MBA program does accept the GRE.

What is the average GRE score for admission to emlyon’s MBA program?

emlyon does not publish the average GRE score for admission.

What is the average number of years of work experience for admission to emlyon’s MBA program? (or, What is the average age of a emlyon MBA student?)

The average number of years of work experience among students in emlyon’s MBA program is eight. emlyon requires a minimum of three years of work experience for admission.

How long is emlyon’s full-time MBA program?

emlyon's International MBA program is 11 months long with the option to extend it five months.

What are the application deadlines for emlyon’s MBA program?

Applications for emlyon's MBA program for the 2023-2024 admissions season are open until August 2024, subject to available space.

What percent of emlyon MBA students are women?

Thirty-eight percent of the emlyon 2022-2023 MBA class are women.

What type of interview does emlyon use for MBA admissions?

Interviews are conducted in-person or online by invitation of the adcom.


Emlyon LiveWire and DecisionWire

MBA DecisionWire

April 6, 2024 7:57am ET
Enrolled: Undecided
Admitted: Cornell / Johnson $
UVA / Darden , Yale SOM
Applied: U. Chicago Booth, Columbia, Cornell / Johnson, NYU Stern, UVA / Darden, Yale SOM
Entering Year: 2024
Post MBA Career: Investment Banking Companies: Bank of America, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley
GRE: 324
GPA: 3.7
Location: Ghana

Johnson is a great IB program, but my choices are SOM and Darden. Darden is great for IB, and has a growing African population, so that's a plus. But since I plan on returning to Africa, Yale definitely has a bigger brand here. I've spoken with current SOM students, and Yale seems to do really well in IB placements. Will appreciate thoughts.

April 5, 2024 6:26pm ET
Enrolled: Undecided
Admitted: U. Chicago Booth , UPenn / Wharton
Applied: UPenn / Wharton, U. Chicago Booth
Entering Year: 2024
Post MBA Career: Consulting, Technology, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Entrepreneurship, Undecided
GRE: 320
Location: California

Vet looking to go 1 of 3 routes: MBB Consulting, Defense Tech, or PE/VC. Leaning towards Wharton mainly b/c of brand and location. Although I have very impressed with Booth's student experience and class cohesiveness, I don't think it is enough to sway me away from the Wharton prestige.
Thanks for the help!

April 5, 2024 4:35pm ET
Enrolled: Undecided
Admitted: Boston College / Carroll $
Cornell / Johnson , Georgetown / McDonough $
UNC Kenan-Flagler $
Vanderbilt / Owen $
Applied: Vanderbilt / Owen, Boston College / Carroll, Cornell / Johnson, Georgetown / McDonough, UNC Kenan-Flagler
Entering Year: 2024
Post MBA Career: Asset Management, inc. Hedge Funds Companies: Blackrock, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Asset Management, Vanguard
GPA: 3.7

Decision: UNC-Chapel Hill ($$$) v. Cornell (NO $)

Goal: Advancement in my career as a buy-side research analyst, backup would be sell-side ER

Of the schools I am deciding between which program would provide the greatest resources to advance my career in the investment management space? Which would hold the greatest prestige on a LT basis?

April 5, 2024 3:08pm ET
Enrolled: Dartmouth / Tuck
Admitted: U. Chicago Booth , Dartmouth / Tuck $
Georgetown / McDonough $
UVA / Darden
Applied: Dartmouth / Tuck, Duke / Fuqua, Georgetown / McDonough, Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan, Northwestern / Kellogg, UCLA Anderson, USC / Marshall, UVA / Darden, U. Chicago Booth
Entering Year: 2024
Post MBA Career: Consulting
GMAT: 770
GPA: 3.0
Location: Los Angeles



emlyon business school permanent faculty gathers a body of highly qualified professors-researchers. They come from different backgrounds in terms of nationalities (more than 25) and disciplines. They hold diverse perspectives and approaches to research and pedagogy. They each bring their expertise, experience and know-how to our participants and partners, to the academic community and to the society at large.


Professors at emlyon make use of a variety of teaching methods, including case studies, seminars, simulations, group projects and guest speakers. emlyon places an emphasis on hands-on learning.

120 credits are required to graduate from emlyon. From September to January, emlyon MBA students complete the seven core courses, designed as essential building blocks before continuing with their choice of electives, and challenge learning projects. The core courses include:

  • Thinking Differently
  • Mastering Business Fundamentals
  • Driving Business Performance
  • Developing Yourself & Others
  • Integrating Perspectives
  • Reaching Beyond Business
  • Challenge Learning Projects

Throughout the year, MBA students also work on a number of group projects, supported by companies and professors. The purpose of these projects is to integrate the classroom theory into real life situations. Examples include:

  • Strategy Simulation
  • Design Thinking Project
  • Strategy Project
  • New Venture Project
  • Business 360 Integrative Project
  • Learning trip

emlyon business school offers the opportunity for participants to discover the management styles of other European countries and explore different business ecosystems and country cultures through Learning Trips, which take place in February. Previous Learning Trips have been to Berlin, Brussels, Istanbul, Milano or Helsinki. Each destination has its own unique ways of doing business and all of the trips are carefully customized.

From March to July, emlyon MBA students are free to tailor their studies with elective specialisations and they also partake in the Entrepreneurial Consulting Project (ECP). They can choose to take a pre-formed set of electives, specially selected to form a career specialization, typical of alumni job profiles; or choose a set of electives to create a specialization corresponding to the desired job profile.

To move to new industry sector or be promoted to a different role within a sector, MBAs need a tangible way to acquire new competencies that complement their existing skill set. That’s why emlyon offers the opportunity to complete an ECP within a real business setting. For this 6-month project, MBA students can choose whether to take on a consulting project with one of emlyon’s many business partners, or to develop their own new venture idea.

After completing the core courses, emlyon MBA students gain access to International Exchange programs with partner universities. Short exchanges of a few weeks take place during the elective specializations, and longer exchanges of several months provide an option to extend the program at the end of the year. Additionally, internships are recommended for participants to get further practical skills to stand out to recruiters, as well as providing an opportunity to establish important professional relationships.

From September to December, MBA candidates who choose to extend their studies from 11 months to 16 months have several options. These include French language professional certification, a longer internship, extended international experience or an additional certification through the Project Management Institute.

Other MBA Degree Options

The part-time International MBA option is blended between online courses and on-campus residential classes. It is designed for candidates to stay connected with their current job while developing new skills.

MBA Specializations at emlyon

  • Business Development
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurial Consulting Project or New Venture Project

Degree Options at emlyon

Full-time International MBA

Part-time International MBA

Campus Life


The school sees over 600 events planned each academic year and there are at least seven student clubs. MBA clubs range in scope from professional, as seen in the MBA Club Speaker Events, the IMBA Challenge Club and the IMBA Consulting Club, to specific interests, like the IMBA French Club, the IMBA Sports Club, the IMBA Social Events Club, and the IMBA Luxury & Retail Club.

Campus Spaces

Lyon is home to nearly 20 Michelin-starred restaurants. It’s ideal geographical location – close to the Côte d’Azur and the Alps, and just a two-hour TGV train trip from Paris – is very popular with students. The cost of living is about one-third less expensive in Lyon when compared to Paris.

Regarding housing, the school helps new enrollees find a flat in Lyon by sharing related resources. On-campus housing is not available.

After 50 years in Ecully, the emlyon business school campus will be relocating to the 7th arrondissement in September 2024. The new eco friendly campus will be 30,000 square meters, based in the heart of Lyon.

MBA Careers

Career Services

emlyon’s Careers Services Department provides extensive support for MBA students before and after graduation. During the program, students have one full day a week dedicated to careers, with a series of workshops and events. Students meet with employers, experts and alumni while also participating in company presentations, career fairs, meet-ups and discussion panels throughout their studies. Enrolled students also gain access to the custom-built Career Center Platform.

Each student has a dedicated Career Consultant, who provides such services as resume review, interview prep, career planning, networking advice and more. Through the job search strategy workshops, students strategize to reach their career goals, define transferrable competencies & skills, optimize CV & LinkedIn profile, prepare for job interviews and learn the skills of pitching & storytelling.

Career Statistics

Nearly 95% of the MBA Class of 2022 accepted job offers within three months of graduation, and 89% reported post-MBA job satisfaction. Their average starting salary landed at €79,000. Fifty-four percent pursued roles in real estate and construction. Twenty-three percent went into the consulting and audit sectors. Another eight percent took on roles in arts/media/culture.

Ninety-two percent of the Class of 2022 found work in Europe while eight percent headed to Africa and the Middle East.


The tuition for emlyon’s MBA program is €39,800. emlyon offers both merit- and need-based scholarships to help students with the program’s cost. The excellence scholarship of 30% rewards exceptional students who have achieved a GMAT scores of 650+. The early bird scholarship of 20% is offered to each student who enrolls before the end of December for the next intake. emlyon encourages candidates to engage with the French embassy, Prodigy Finance, and relevant banks for potential scholarships or loans.


Address of main campus:
23 Av. Guy de Collongue
69130 Ecully, France
Phone: +04 57 65 16 37
Email: [email protected]
X (Twitter) Handle: