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January 18, 2022 9:54am ET
Applying: Berkeley / Haas, Cornell / Johnson, Dartmouth / Tuck, Duke / Fuqua, Michigan / Ross, MIT Sloan, Northwestern / Kellogg, UCLA Anderson, Yale SOM
Intake Year: 2023
Pre-MBA Career: Consulting
Post-MBA Target Industry: Technology, Non Profit/SI Companies: Amazon , Apple , Facebook , Google , Microsoft
GMAT: 710
GPA: 3.85
Years of Work Experience: 3
Location: Washington, D.C.

Hello, long time lurker and finally decided to post! Background: 26yr old white female. Went to a T20 public undergrad and graduated with honors and from honors college program. Was very involved in undergrad and held several leadership positions - student council for honors college, ambassador for business school, TA in business school, and fundraising for local children's hospitals to name just a few activities. Work Experience: Started my career off at one of the Big 4 and switched to a more tech-oriented consulting firm after about a year. Have earned two promotions in my two years here and expect to have a third within the next year. Without going into too much detail, I oversee the releases of an international supply chain system with hundreds of thousands of users. I've also been responsible for the rollout of several improvement measures across 30+ internal teams. GMAT: Took twice after hundreds of hours of studying and received the exact same score with the exact same breakdown - Q47, V41, IR8, AWA6. ECs Post Grad: Social Impact Fellowship (also entailed pro bono consulting project with local non-profit), coach Girls on the Run in my area, coordinate events for local special needs kids and young adults (fundraisers, special Olympics, Prom). Probably have between 350-400 hours of volunteering and will be approaching 500 hours at time of application. In terms of hobbies, I enjoy all things fitness and running (have placed in several local races). Why MBA? Looking to pivot out of consulting - I feel as though I've started to plateau in terms of learning and acquiring new skills, and don't really enjoy the monotony of my day-to-day (I work in federal consulting). The next step will also require me to start selling work and that does not at all appeal to me. I have really come to enjoy learning more about technology and the problem solving/critical thinking needed. Long-term goal is tech for social impact, particularly looking at how tech can be used to improve the lives of those with special needs. Not sure if this impacts anything but will also be applying to schools through Forte. Questions: 1) Am I aiming too high? I'm trying to spread my applications across T20. 2) My biggest worry is GMAT but of course there is always a trade-off. I am debating signing up again and studying to hit 720/730, but work has become more demanding, ECs take up a decent amount of time, I'm trying to devote more time to networking and coffee chats at target schools...and I just don't know what the best use of my time is? Very very torn here. Thank you so so much for any feedback!!!