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June 9, 2021 12:11pm ET
Applying: Berkeley / Haas, Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, UCLA Anderson, UPenn / Wharton, Yale SOM
Intake Year: 2022
Pre-MBA Career: TFA, Software Engineer, Product Marketing
Post-MBA Target Industry: Technology, Non Profit/SI Companies: Other
GRE: 326
GPA: 3.7
Years of Work Experience: 7
Location: California
Post MBA Location: California

Love the podcast!

Biracial URM Male, majored in Philosophy at Berkeley/UCLA. Research project experience in low-income education during college. VP of major business club with 4 campus level case competition wins (not sure if this matters).

165 Q / 161 V / 5.5 AWA.

Homeless background growing up. Come from family of public school teachers (6 in the family).
Worked through college to pay my way through. Low Sophomore year grades with upward trend throughout.

Alternative secondary mathematics teaching credential transcript. 4.0 GPA.

Alternative transcript in all core CS classes and CS discrete mathematics (A) at state school. ~3.77 GPA.

Joined TFA, high impact: area complex distinguished teacher, state/regional finalist for national TFA award (top performer of apx 800). Spent last 6 months leading recruiting at two major universities with 3 direct reports. 2.6 years

Software Engineer for a year at a $40M/yr revenue smb tech firm. Worked with CEO/CIO and spearheaded migration of code from premises into a cloud Saas model. ~$1M/yr of increased revenue. Up for promotion when I left.

Joined large tech firm (Salesforce, Datadog, Splunk) in product marketing/sales function. Regularly present to clients on SVP+ level since 80%+ of F500 use this software. Changed product marketing strategy impacting ~1000 sales reps with great outcomes. Three promotions over ~1 year 7 months. Answer to director of strategic marketing, CIO two levels above me.

ECs: Mentored/tutored/acted as role model for 5 URM students I met during teaching over 5 years. Tutored from remedial math to ACT. All got into college. Mentored through college and professional development. All received intern offers at big 3 accounting firms/F500 companies.

Why MBA: want to synthesize my experience in education/tech and fill in gaps in my business understanding (e.g. leadership, finance, hr, accounting, etc) so that I can become an impactful product manager. I've noticed that the best product managers have the rare skill of leading with indirect influence and know that an MBA can help me with this.

Furthermore, I am speaking with C-level folks and I have noticed that I am missing key pieces of cross-functional information or strategic frameworks to make decisions (in over my head at times). These are all skills I want to learn because in the long term I want to change the education system using technology. E.g.. a flipped classroom system using customized technology to deliver tailored learning to individual students with the school acting more as a place to do projects and learn socialization skills. I would need the skills of communicating with high-level decision makers to make this goal a reality.