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June 14, 2021 2:32pm ET
Applying: Columbia, INSEAD, U. Chicago Booth
Intake Year: 2022
Pre-MBA Career: PWM
Post-MBA Target Industry: Investment Banking
GMAT: 740
GPA: 3.4
Years of Work Experience: 6
Location: SE Asia

Re-applicant here. I applied to B and C for 2021 intake but ended up getting waitlisted and then rejected. I think my execution was off with B as I was targeting R1 right after my GMAT and had less than a month to write my essays. C was a near-perfect application (along with the interview). No idea what went wrong there. FWIW, I applied to C in Jan so maybe the class was full by then. Do you think there's merit in applying to these schools again? A bit more about my background. I'm originally from South Asia. Did part of my undergrad from a US state school on exchange. Post-undergrad joined a bank and managed to get a transfer to one of its international offices in SE Asia. That gives me around 6 years of international WE (7, by matriculation - a little concerned about above average YOE). CFA Charterholder. As a final note, I can foresee that I'd struggle with recommendations this year cause applications last year kind of soured my relationship with my bosses (my LM straight up told me they held back my promotion cause they thought I'm leaving). I wish schools would understand it's not easy for re-applicants to get 2 NEW recommendations. Thank you in advance for your comments and great work with the podcast. Love it.