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October 5, 2023 7:40pm ET
Applying: Cornell / Johnson, Duke / Fuqua, Harvard Business School, Michigan / Ross, Northwestern / Kellogg, UPenn / Wharton, UVA / Darden, Yale SOM
Intake Year: 2024
Pre-MBA Career: Consulting
Post-MBA Target Industry: Consulting Companies: AT Kearney , Bain , BCG , Deloitte , McKinsey
GRE: 317
GPA: 3.37
Years of Work Experience: 5
Location: Virginia
Post MBA Location: East Coast

Stats: 29 Female, born and raised in Pakistan, attended college in US, hold US citizenship now. Low overall GPA from local college due to homesickness and culture shock, but strong upward swing in last two years with multiple Dean's List placements. Double major in Business and English with a concentration in Literature.

Work Experience: Currently work in CPG marketing analytics. Laid off from first job due to firm being acquired and gutted, pivoted industries with a 20K raise. No direct promotions but steady career/salary growth through job switching.

Volunteer Work: Actively involved in ERGs and social initiatives at work, won an award for it. Also volunteer in women's initiatives for a non-profit outside work as well. Currently participating in Forte MBA Launch.

Test scores: Low quant GRE (155), really nervous about this, have raised 8 points since baseline over past 6 months, working to improve further before R2. Standardized math test taking isn't my strength. Only two more attempts left, juggling essays with test prep now, taking the exam 5 times to show persistence. Feeling drained but determined to see it through. Planning on doing MBA Math after apps are submitted.

Why MBA: Currently work in marketing analytics, looking to pivot into consulting.

Applying to T15 in R2, with T25 schools on the radar for R3. My dream of course would be an M7 program. Love the WireTaps podcast, I listen to it on my way to the gym and back, thank you Alex and Graham for everything you do for us! Fingers crossed my entry gets selected as I would love your advice! Any advice on what to highlight and how to combat quant GRE score?