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May 27, 2023 12:05pm ET
Applying: U. Washington / Foster
Intake Year: 2024
Pre-MBA Career: Coaching (rowing) and tech recruiting
Post-MBA Target Industry: Undecided
GPA: 3.42
Years of Work Experience: 6
Location: Seattle
Post MBA Location: Seattle

I am a two time Olympian in the sport of rowing. I graduated from college in the early two thousands and immediately began training to make the national team. After competing internationally for a decade I retired and began coaching full time. I had aspirations to become a collegiate coach but opportunities were few and far between especially after moving to the Pacific Northwest. In 2017 I interviewed with an FAANG company and was hired as a technical recruiter and have progressed quickly within the field over the past six years. I have worked in recruiting at two of the top FAANG companies but for a couple years now I have felt stagnant and frustrated with my career. The recent tech layoffs have spurred me to do something to change my career trajectory. The mba feels like a perfect fit. The combination of a rigorous academic program as well as the chance to develop foundational knowledge to help change careers and get out of recruiting are two of the big reasons I am pursuing the mba. Because of my background and late start in the industry I am much older than the average student. I plan to take the gmat and get the highest score I can to be competitive as well as to reassure the committee that I am not a risk. I am interested in both the full time program and the evening program but my biggest consideration is my family. I have three kids under five and leaving my job for two years, while possible financially might not make the most sense for us. Would love your advice and thoughts on my profile. Thank you!