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Wire Taps 238—Congressional experience, two pathways. Multiple degrees, from Germany. Brit in Taiwan, great numbers.

This week’s episode finds Graham in Baltimore, USA, as he attends the Annual GMAC conference to catch up with admissions industry professionals at all the major MBA programs; Alex is a little jealous (recalling fond memories of past GMAC conferences he attended). On the admissions front, Alex highlighted the increasing switch from activity from this season (dwindling waitlist movements) to next season (more admissions deadlines and essay topics being announced). Graham highlighted two Real Humans Alumni pieces, Michigan / Ross and Cornell / Johnson, both working for McKinsey. Graham also highlighted the upcoming MBA essay workshops, scheduled for July, signups... Read more »

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Wire Taps 237—Strong international experience, is it enough? Government candidate from Canada. Military candidate with outstanding numbers

This week’s podcast kicks off with a discussion about updates for the new application cycle, as leading MBA programs have started releasing their new admissions deadlines and updated essays questions. Speaking of b-school essays, Graham reminded listeners of the upcoming MBA essay workshops – scheduled for July – signups are here: https://bit.ly/cambaessays.  Alex then highlighted the MBA admissions book that Clear Admit offers, which suggests candidates begin with a “personal inventory” before tackling their individual applications and essays. Graham shared three Real Humans alumni pieces, including an INSEAD graduate working at Amazon, a Northwestern / Kellogg working at BCG, and a... Read more »

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Wire Taps 236—Central Asian candidate with manufacturing experience. Super numbers, going fast! First-gen female candidate, worried about the GMAT.

Alex and Graham are back with another episode of WireTaps, kicking off this week’s show with a discussion of the recent roll-out of several Clear Admit ‘essay topic analyses’ (which we prepare each season), as the likes of Tuck, Darden, HBS, CBS, and more have published their topics for 2022-23.  Speaking of essays, Graham also announced the upcoming essay workshops, which run throughout the month of July and into August.  The first workshop includes school representatives from Berkeley / Haas, Chicago / Booth, Dartmouth / Tuck, and Virginia / Darden. You can sign up here: https://bit.ly/cambaessays.  Moving on from essays,... Read more »

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Wire Taps 235—Promising MBA candidate, unknown additional activities. Unconventional candidate, with weaker numbers. 730 GMAT, should they retake?

Happy Memorial Day! This week’s podcast kicks off with some discussion of the latest wait list movements and anticipation of more activity over the next couple of weeks. Graham then discussed the Application Overview Workshops that have now concluded and previewed Clear Admit’s July webinar series, which will be focused on each MBA program’s essays. Graham also noted a special webinar event on June 8, focused on entering the management consulting field (signups are here: https://bit.ly/caconsultingjune). Graham then highlighted two ‘Real Humans Alumni’ pieces; a Cornell / Johnson graduate working as a Technical Account Manager for Google and a Columbia... Read more »

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Wire Taps 234—UK-based African immigrant focused on sustainability. France-based African immigrant debating whether to pursue the MBA. US-based Latina, going HBS or bust.

Alex and Graham began this 150th episode of Wire Taps by reviewing some of the show’s “greatest hits”. A huge thankyou to our listening audience for making this podcast a pleasure to produce, record, and share each week! Beyond the fanfare of a milestone episode, Alex highlighted more waitlist movement, and the anticipation of further activity in this area as Stanford and Chicago / Booth’s decision releases are due this upcoming week. Graham highlighted a new admissions tip which focuses on the role of supplemental course work (aka transcript repair); this includes a deep-dive look at HBS CORe and MBA... Read more »

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Wire Taps 233—Asset management sales to top MBA? Lawyer to consultant, from New Zealand. Military pilot seeking product management role.

Alex and Graham kick off this week’s episode with some discussion around the waitlist movements they’ve observed over the last week on MBA LiveWire. It is becoming clear that MBA programs are going to their waitlists in good numbers, with likely more to come. Graham highlighted the most recently published Real Humans alumni pieces, including a Columbia graduate who has landed at Microsoft, and a Northwestern Kellogg grad who is now in a role with Amazon. Graham also discussed a new initiative we have launched, where we are seeking reviews regarding your experience with Clear Admit. We ask you to... Read more »

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Wire Taps 232—Cyber-security military officer, physics degree. Food scientist, seeking MBA to do good. Top numbers, underwhelming school selection

Graham and Alex are back for another Wire Taps episode as Round 3 decisions continue to roll out (this upcoming week includes UPenn / Wharton, Northwestern / Kellogg, Michigan / Ross and Berkeley / Haas). Your hosts discussed anticipation of significant movement on the wait lists over the next few weeks and Graham put Alex on the spot with a question about the application process. Graham then highlighted two Real Humans alumni pieces; the first a Ross graduate working as an Associate at McKinsey, and the second a Stanford graduate working on matters of energy transition and decarbonization for Deloitte.... Read more »

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Wire Taps 231—China-based entrepreneur, with a 333 GRE. Greek candidate, sports background, no undergrad. Canadian engineer, maybe aim high.

This episode of the Clear Admit MBA podcast kicks off with Alex and Graham discussing the Round 3 decisions that are starting to roll out, noting how it’s a much shorter cycle than the prior rounds with rapid turnarounds. Graham then highlights several ‘Real Humans: Alumni’ pieces, including a CMU / Tepper graduate working at Google, a Cambridge / Judge alum who has landed with Microsoft, a recent INSEAD graduate who chose the Boston Consulting Group, a Cornell / Johnson alumna who also works for BCG, and a USC Marshall alum working Google. Graham also mentioned the first of our... Read more »

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Wire Taps 230—Enlisted military candidate with a subpar GPA. Military officer with a modest GRE score. Haas ($$) versus Wharton ($) and HBS for tech entrepreneurship.

This week’s episode of the podcast offers further details of Alex and Graham’s recent trip to London, followed by discussion of all the latest MBA admissions news. In particular, Alex noted this week’s application deadline for HBS’s 2+2 program. Graham also highlighted the recent ‘Real Humans: Alumni’ pieces, including a Columbia graduate working at Google, a NYU / Stern graduate who landed at Apple, a Chicago / Booth graduate working at Microsoft, and an HBS alum also at Microsoft. Graham then noted Clear Admit’s upcoming events schedule, with a series of Application Overview workshops slated for every Wednesday in May.... Read more »

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Wire Taps 229—Airline pilot seeking MBA. Top ORM candidate, needs to apply early. Darden versus Kenan Flagler ($), McCombs ($) and Simon ($).

This week, Graham and Alex tackle a variety of topics, from their meetup in London for a top-secret project to all the latest in MBA admissions news. Graham called attention to Clear Admit’s incentive program for top contributors on the platform and a survey we now have in the field and would really love you to complete; you can access it here: https://bit.ly/casurvey2022 (Amazon gift cards are available for some survey respondents). Graham also highlighted Real Humans Alumni pieces, including a Stanford graduate who works for Apple, a Northwestern / Kellogg graduate at Apollo Investment Corp. and a UPenn /... Read more »

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Wire Taps 228—Should we question a 730 GMAT?! Is 2 years of work experience enough? Anderson versus McCombs and Rice, for clean energy finance.

In the latest episode of the Clear Admit MBA Admissions podcast, Alex and Graham talk about getting together in London this week to work on a “top secret” project… (which actually means that if the project fails, no one will be the wiser!).  Speaking of London, Graham highlighted the career report from London Business School; there are some very interesting differences in this career report, as compared with top U.S.-based programs. Graham also points listeners to the latest Real Humans alumni pieces; the first features a Michigan / Ross graduate who navigated from a pre-MBA career in retail merchandising to... Read more »

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Wire Taps 227— History major, Marine, seeking pivot to investment banking. Health care candidate, targeting 750 on the GMAT. Kellogg versus Yale, is it a no-brainer?

This week’s episode of WireTaps kicks off with a discussion of the 2023 US News & World Report rankings for US-based MBA programs. For those of you who missed the results, Chicago / Booth shares the top spot with UPenn / Wharton, with Stanford and Kellogg tied for third, and Harvard and MIT Sloan tied for fifth. While advocating for more of a tiered ranking, Alex makes the case that rankings like US News do themselves harm when they place Harvard and Stanford outside the top two. After that discussion, Graham highlighted Real Humans Alumni pieces from a CMU /... Read more »

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Wire Taps 225—Great candidate, but is the GMAT high enough? Deferred admissions candidate, heading to Big Tech. Darden versus Ross, with waitlists to navigate

In this week’s edition of WireTaps, Alex and Graham discussed the wave of recent MBA admissions decisions from  the likes of UPenn / Wharton and Northwestern / Kellogg, as well as the upcoming releases from Harvard and Stanford. As usual, there has been lots of activity on Live Wire. Graham then highlighted several Real Humans Alumni pieces, which included MBA alums who have made the move from Cambridge / Judge to Citibank, from HBS to Google and from Emory to Deloitte. Graham highlighted each of the tips these alums provided for incoming MBA students. Your hosts then discussed the latest... Read more »

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Wire Taps 223— Promising candidate needs solid GMAT score. Failed a class, is it fatal? “Dream School” Wharton versus Anderson with money

In this episode of Wire Taps, Alex and Graham discuss the upcoming Round 2 decision releases of Northwestern / Kellogg, Chicago / Booth and UPenn / Wharton among others, making the observation that with each successive week, bigger programs are releasing their decisions. Graham highlights two new Real Humans MBA Alumni pieces – one about an Insead graduate working at Bain and another about a Booth graduate who joined Disney. Graham also underlines the latest installments in the Top MBA Career Placement Outcomes series, focused on Strategy Consulting and Entrepreneurship and the Career Placement report for Texas / McCombs, which... Read more »

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Wire Taps 221—Military candidate with weaker numbers, entrepreneur with top GMAT, Columbia versus Sloan for Asset Management

In our latest installment of the Clear Admit MBA admissions podcast, Alex and Graham discussed the pending releases of admissions decisions for several programs in this upcoming week (Emory, UNC, Duke, Michigan, UVA, IESE), as well as last week’s release of  CMU / Tepper decisions. Graham speculated that there will be significant movement off the Round 1 waitlists, forthcoming, due to the slump in application volume. We also discussed the release of additional articles in our new content series: Top MBA Career Placement Outcomes. We focused on the Finance sector piece, which is very revealing in terms of the very... Read more »

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Wire Taps 219—West African candidate and 700 GMAT, Test waiver for Round 3, Johnson Park Fellowship versus Columbia

In this episode of WireTaps, Graham and Alex discussed this week’s forthcoming release of admissions decisions for CMU / Tepper and INSEAD. Your hosts also highlighted our new content series: Top MBA Career Placement Outcomes. Two pieces published last week revealed interesting insights regarding regional placement within the U.S.. Graham and Alex then shifted gears to talk about two Real Humans Alumni pieces which focused on making the move from Northwestern / Kellogg to Google and from and Georgetown / McDonough to BCG. Graham also mentioned the recently published career report for USC / Marshall, where 84% of the Class... Read more »

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