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How Far Would You Go for the One You Love?

Fridays from the Frontline The process of moving to a new city to start business school is tough, but one could argue that it’s tougher on folks who make the move to support their partner. The Booth Partners Club is a student club that provides events and group activities throughout the school year specifically designed to support significant others and spouses of Booth MBA students. The Partners Club touts itself as a “budget-friendly way to make some instant friends and have some fun in the city.” In addition to the opportunities for networking—and friendship—that the Partners Club provides, it also... Read more »

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Is B-School Student Globetrotting Killing the Earth? MIT Students Take Action

Fridays from the Frontline MIT’s two-year Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program is a unique dual-degree offering that the Sloan School of Management established in partnership with the School of Engineering. The LGO program merges a state-of-the-art management curriculum with advanced engineering training to prepare students to handle global operations, product development, and manufacturing problems with aplomb. LGO students pursue six-month research internships at a wide range of partner companies in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, energy, high-tech, and global supply chain industries. Notable LGO alumni like Verizon’s Chief Supply Chain Officer Viju Menon (LGO ’94), Tesla’s VP of Engineering Doug Field... Read more »

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145,000 Reasons to Consider Making Your Post-MBA Career with Visa Inc.

The race for superiority in the global electronic payments market is a heated one. Every major credit card company has pulled out all the stops to persuade consumers to embrace digital transactions as their primary payment method—and they are going to need all the help they can get. It’s one of many reasons why major companies like Visa are always recruiting MBAs. Companies rely on a mixture of seasoned veterans with an understanding of the foundation of their business and an influx of fresh thinkers with a finger on the pulse of digital commerce and a desire to change the... Read more »

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Berkeley Haas Transforms Tragedy into Social Good

In the wake of a heartbreaking tragedy, students at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business harnessed their empathy and initiative to create a chance to fund future underrepresented minority and social impact startups. The Haas EMBA Class of 2017 established the Sanaya Shah Memorial Fund to honor classmate Sumit Shah and his wife Astha Shah’s daughter Sanaya, who passed away after 52 days “due to complications from prematurity and a rare heart condition.” “She was our little warrior princess, a true fighter to the very end who never gave up,” Sumit said in a Haas news brief. Shah’s classmates helped coordinate “help with everything... Read more »

Last Updated Nov 16, 2017 by

Beyond Business School: How a Chicago Booth MBA Helped Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Once a ferocious beast in the kingdom of tech with massive product launches and antitrust sagas, it could be argued that Microsoft has spent the first two decades of the 21st century in search of solid ground. The Steve Balmer era, which focused on “devices and services,” brought us the Xbox, the Surface, and the acquisitions of Skype and Linkedin. Wired posits that the fall of Microsoft “stems from its attempts to lock users into its products by refusing to work with competitors,” coupled with a series of “me-too hardware products,” like the Zune and the Kin. There’s also Bing and... Read more »

Last Updated Jun 8, 2017 by

“Manbassadors” Help Haas Address Gender Inequality

UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business recently profiled the Manbassadors, a student organization that provides men with tools to “better support their female friends, girlfriends, wives, and daughters when they’re no longer blind to how women often have to deal with unfair situations.” Dean Richard Lyons will present a “Question the Status Quo” award to Manbassadors Founder Patrick Ford ’17. Ford explains that a “Manbassador” is a “male ally who works to end gender discrimination by supporting and being an advocate for women.” He explains the impetus of the organization: “There’s a growing awareness of how significantly unconscious bias affects our behavior.”... Read more »

Last Updated Jan 31, 2017 by

MIT, CBS Startup Addresses Sanitation at Refugee Camps

MIT Sloan recently published an article on change:WATER Labs, a Cambridge-based startup co-founded by biochemist and Columbia Business School (CBS) MBA ’04 Diana Yousef. change:WATER Labs qualified for the Hult Prize social entrepreneurship competition last month with its water-less toilet to help out refugee camps. The “compact, evaporative” toilet, which requires no power or plumbing, has a polymer material that soaks up liquids and releases it as vapor into the air. According to the article, “It also contains residual waste, preventing pollution. Because sewage is mostly water, it’s possible to rapidly vaporize it, eliminating up to 95 percent of daily... Read more »

Last Updated Dec 30, 2016 by

Stanford 2016 MBAs Have Banner Year for Employment

Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business (GSB) recently revealed data that cemented 2016 as a banner year for MBA graduates when it comes to both employment and salaries, demonstrating how in demand the talent and flexibility of its graduates are in the marketplace. The mean compensation for graduating MBAs from Stanford’s most recent class was $179,345, a figure that includes the mean $23,636 starting bonus reported by 55 percent of the class and the record-breaking mean other guaranteed compensation of $74,665 reported by 35 percent of the class. Median total compensation, meanwhile, was $163,827. This figure puts Stanford GSB grads ahead of Class of... Read more »

Last Updated Dec 8, 2016 by

Stanford GSB Impact Fund Bridges Classroom and Workforce

A recent article on the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) website details the first investment made by the Stanford GSB Impact Fund in Geneticure, a pharmocogenetic testing company “working on a better diagnostic test for hypertension [to] quickly identify which treatment will work best for which patient.” On the process of vetting potential companies for investment, Dan Liss, MBA ’16, JD ’18, and captain of the Geneticure investment team, described it as follows: “We would set up a call to see where they are, what are their fundraising needs and analyze a set of criteria we deemed essential to our impact... Read more »

Last Updated Aug 2, 2016 by

Summer Reading: Biographies of Business Tycoons

There’s no better season than summer to kick back in a hammock, relax with an ice-cold beverage and soak up grizzly war stories from entrepreneurs who came, saw and conquered—and have the battle scars (and book deals) to prove it. Here are 10 bios that offer priceless insights for MBA students and emerging entrepreneurs: 10 Biographies of Business Tycoons Iacocca: An Autobiography by Lee Iacocca Legendary president and CEO of both Ford and Chrysler, Lee Iacocca is as renowned for his remarkable 30+-year career in the automotive industry as he is for his endless supply of quote-worthy aphorisms—“The discipline of... Read more »

Last Updated Jul 15, 2016 by

Columbia Professor Breaks Down What Brexit Could Mean Down the Road

Columbia Business School posted an article on its blog this week by Professor and Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz about the potential economic fallout that the United Kingdom’s recent “Brexit” referendum could have on the global political arena in the not-too-distant future. Stiglitz referenced the “hard line” that president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has taken publicly. According to Stiglitz, Juncker argues that in order “to deter other countries from leaving, the EU must be uncompromising, offering the UK little more than what it is guaranteed under World Trade Organization agreements.” This kind of tough love approach counters recent... Read more »

Last Updated Jun 23, 2016 by

Summer Reading: 10 Essential Books About Leadership

Some say leaders are born, not made. But any successful entrepreneur will tell you that a deep knowledge of how to engage and inspire a team trumps innate charisma more often than not. In many ways, it simply boils down to finding creative ways to adapt to a marketplace in constant flux while staying true to one’s core values. While the formula may seem deceptively simple, these 10 books will help you unravel the obvious and not-so-obvious complexities of effective leadership. 10 Great Books About Leadership Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel Pink Management guru Daniel Pink, who... Read more »

Last Updated May 27, 2016 by

Mobile App from MIT Sloan Alum Facilitates Loans For Pakistani Farmers

MIT Sloan recently published an article on its blog about Ricult, a new startup aimed at giving “the world’s poorest farmers direct access to credit and supplies through a mobile platform.” According to co-founder and ’15 Sloan Fellow Usman Javaid, many of the world’s poorest farmers often “can’t afford seed, pesticide and fertilizer,” let alone tech, education or health care. Javaid explained that many of these farmers are forced into a predatory debt cycle with local middlemen from which they have little hope to escape. “Financial exclusion is the core of the issue, and that’s what we are trying to... Read more »

Last Updated May 11, 2016 by

MIT Sloan Alum Connects Hard-Up Nonprofits With Deep-Pocketed Millennials

This post has been republished in its entirety from original source, metromba.com. MIT Sloan’s blog recently published an article on 2013 MBA graduate Isa Watson’s giving company Envested, which connects local Chapel Hill, North Carolina-based nonprofits to philanthropic millennials. According to Watson, older generations, particularly Baby Boomers, have grown accustomed to writing a check once a year. Millennial giving tendencies, on the other hand, are a bit harder to pin down. It’s no surprise that 19-36 year-olds have an incessant demand for “convenient online experiences,” which makes it difficult for small, overworked, and underfunded nonprofits to keep in touch with... Read more »

Last Updated Apr 7, 2016 by

MBATube Killed the SEO Star

This post has been republished in its entirety from its original source, metromba.com. It feels positively Philip K. Dick–esque to think that from the mid-20th century until roughly five to 10 years into the new millennium, moving images delivered across cathode ray televisions were the medium de rigeur to communicate information to a large audience. Although the advent of Google Glass and Oculus Rift suggest that virtual reality (VR) advertising could be just around the corner (think of the possibilities for fabric softening bears!), video remains, according to the Amsterdam-based MBATUBE, the “medium of today’s generation.” According to the site, “approximately 80 percent of all... Read more »

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There’s No Biz Like Demographically Diverse Show Biz

The following post has been republished in its entirety from its original source, metromba.com. Columbia Business School (CBS)’s website recently published new research that offers tangible solutions for increasing workplace diversity. This is an especially hot-button topic in the realm of show business ever since the 2016 Oscars contenders were widely decried throughout the media as demographically homogeneous. The CBS research group confirmed a number of obvious assumptions regarding workplace diversity but uncovered specific strategies that both impeded and fortified diversity. “Demographically diverse groups make better decisions and produce more innovations, because they bring in different perspectives,” explains CBS Professor Katherine Phillips, co-author of the study. Despite slightly higher... Read more »

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Decline of the Unicorns (A Startup Tale)

This post has been republished in its entirety from its original source, metromba.com. In advance of his upcoming course, ‘How to Finance and Grow Your Startup – Without VC,’ set to start 12 April 2016, London Business School’s blog recently spoke with Management Practice in Marketing and Entrepreneurship Professor John Mullins to gain insight into why we are starting to see a sharp decline in the value of so-called “unicorn” start-ups. Mullins explained at a recent Regent’s Park campus event that a combination of hysterical marketing, excessive funding, and untenable appraisals have caused the so-called unicorns—businesses valued at more than... Read more »

Last Updated Feb 22, 2016 by

MIT Sloan Alum’s App Combats Hiring Biases

This post has been republished in its entirety from its original source, metromba.com. In an interview conducted for a recent press release published by MIT Sloan, alumna Stephane Lampkin (MBA ’13) discussed Blendoor, an innovative new mobile app she designed to counteract hidden hiring biases related to gender and race. Lampkin, a Stanford and MIT Sloan alum with five years’ experience at Microsoft under her belt, interviewed for an “analytical lead position at a major tech company.” After eight separate visits, Lampkin was told she was not an ideal fit for the company. The recruiter lamented, “You’re not quite technical enough.... Read more »

Last Updated Feb 16, 2016 by

Columbia Uncovers How Honest Faces Often Correlate With Credibility

This post has been republished in its entirety from its original source, metromba.com. Columbia Business School (CBS) recently announced via press release its fascinating research into the relationship between faces perceived as trustworthy and whether or not those faces can actually be trusted. Columbia Business School professors and psychologists Daniel Ames and Michael Slepian explain that our knee-jerk rulings of certain faces are more often than not accurate but for reasons one might not expect. In the press release, Slepian explains, “We found that people who looked trustworthy were in fact more likely to act trustworthy. Finding evidence of the link... Read more »

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