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MBATube Killed the SEO Star

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It feels positively Philip K. Dick–esque to think that from the mid-20th century until roughly five to 10 years into the new millennium, moving images delivered across cathode ray televisions were the medium de rigeur to communicate information to a large audience.

Although the advent of Google Glass and Oculus Rift suggest that virtual reality (VR) advertising could be just around the corner (think of the possibilities for fabric softening bears!), video remains, according to the Amsterdam-based MBATUBE, the “medium of today’s generation.” According to the site, “approximately 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video” by 2019.
Video has become an essential tool that educational institutions use to “recruit and educate students.” Right now, “79 percent of frequent Internet users watch video online,” according to MBATUBE. For business schools, however, there has been a noticeable gap in the marketplace for an “exclusive video platform” that enables them to engage prospective MBA students.

1012350_453174504811987_1763644989_nFounded by Dutch academic marketing advisor and Leiden University MBA alum Rick Rudolph, MBATUBE, according to its bio, is the “only official video portal” on the World Wide Web where “leading business schools can showcase their MBA programs via video.” MBATUBE “bridges the social gap between educational institutions and prospective students” by hosting official “promotional, testimonial and lecture content.”

The platform is user-friendly and, most importantly, free to use. Business schools generate MBATUBE profiles to which they “upload videos and information to be hosted on the site.” Institutions that sign up for MBATUBE have increased opportunities to boost targeted views, increase website traffic, improve SEO and reach a “diverse global target audience.”

mbatubeParticipating schools include:

MBATUBE allows participating business schools to “access real-time analytics on videos” so they can “see how users react to [their] videos” and “get in touch with users who liked, shared, rated, commented or added videos to their playlist,” according to the site.

In addition to MBATUBE’s 85k+ FB followers and 6k+ Twitter followers, the site generates 60k+ views per month with an “8-minute average stick ratio.” The average age of visitors breaks down as follows:

  • 35 percent between the ages of 18 and 24
  • 30 percent between 25 and 34
  • 27 percent between 35 and 44

And the breakdown by country, according to the site:

  • 21 percent in India
  • 14 percent in the United States
  • 10 percent in the United Kingdom
  • 8 percent in the Netherlands
  • 8 percent in Germany
  • 6 percent in South Korea
  • 5 percent in Indonesia
  • 2 percent in Vietnam, France, Nigeria

Prospective post-grads tend to undertake thorough research into potential programs so they can make informed decisions about which school will offer the biggest bang for their buck. MBATUBE posits on its site that business students in particular tend to “engage with institutional admissions staff and pose critical questions before embarking on their program of choice.”

MBATUBE allows prospective students to “compare hundreds of MBA programs,” view promos, testimonials, and lecture videos; create playlists, perform global searches for all matching MBA programs, and share videos with their social media network.