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Keep abreast of the latest happenings in the business school blogosphere! This weekly column summarizes recent posts from MBA student and applicant blogs.

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Last Updated Jan 25, 2019 by

Fridays from the Frontline: Reflections from Round 1 Interviews at Chicago Booth

We here at Clear Admit pride ourselves on the clarity we give prospective b-schoolers on elite MBA programs. But we also know that there’s only so much you can glean about an MBA program from the outside, which is why we often encourage MBA hopefuls to arrange campus visits, talk... Read more »

Last Updated Jan 18, 2019 by

Fridays from the Frontline: RE:creation triumph at C4Bi competition

Fridays from the Frontline Case competitions, those hubs of innovation for student entrepreneurs, are unsung components of the MBA experience. They are opportunities for novices to explore the depths of their imaginations, experiment with new methodologies, and see if their discoveries resonate with a panel of experts. Case competitions are... Read more »

Last Updated Jan 11, 2019 by

Fridays from the Frontline: Microsoft Women in Tech Challenge 2018

Fridays from the Frontline Last year’s cryptocurrency explosion brought to the forefront a fact that can no longer be negotiated in the business school community: the divide between tech and business has all but been erased. Prospective business school students now demand programs that equip them with the hard skills... Read more »

Last Updated Jan 4, 2019 by

Fridays from the Frontline: Notes and Lessons Learnt from the Wharton Exchange

INSEAD student Tommy Mehl MBA ‘19, a native of Buenos Aires and self-described “cryptocurrencies” nerd, took part in the Wharton Exchange and had much to say about his P4 experience with Clear Admit’s West Philadelphia neighbor. The following post has been republished in its entirety from its original source, the... Read more »

Last Updated Dec 28, 2018 by

Fridays from the Frontline: 6 Reflections on My First Year

First-year MBA students often get so wrapped up in the hoopla of class and campus life that they neglect to see the big picture—including the fact that they’re in the frame.  There’s been a lot of digital ink spilled on these pages about the assorted networking and internship opportunities embedded... Read more »

Last Updated Dec 21, 2018 by

Fridays from the Frontline: This Time for Africa: LBS Students in Johannesburg

The week-long Global Business Experience (GBE) is one of London Business School’s major selling points, offering MBA students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the business cultures of Israel, India, China, Peru, Myanmar, South Africa, or Brazil. According to LBS, GBEs consist of “faculty briefings, guest speakers, site visits, workshops,... Read more »

Last Updated Dec 14, 2018 by

Fridays from the Frontline: Olin Alum Roams into Global Scavenger Hunt Success

While working as a Quantitative Associate Analyst at Allstate in the greater Chicago area, Harding was also putting 50 hours per week into a scavenger hunt app. Let’s Roam co-founder Mike Harding took to the Olin Blog to discuss the origin of his scavenger hunt tour company, which re-imagines “the... Read more »

Last Updated Dec 7, 2018 by

Fridays from the Frontline: To Do Or Not To Do: The Intensive Language Program – That Is The Question

One of INSEAD’s major selling points is its language policy, which requires that students speak English fluently and moderately well in a second language. By the time the program wraps, INSEAD MBAs must be able to speak a “third, commercially useful, language at A2 ‘Basic’ level in order to graduate.”... Read more »

Last Updated Nov 30, 2018 by

Fridays from the Frontline: Top 5 Spots for Chicago Booth Coffee Chats

Peer-to-peer mentorship is an integral part of the MBA experience that often gets overlooked in favor of other kinds of networking. Chicago Booth understands that the connections its students make among peers will serve them well during their MBA stint, their careers, and beyond. This is why Chicago Booth facilitates... Read more »

Last Updated Nov 23, 2018 by

Fridays from the Frontline: A business school internship with the National Park Service?

Internships are arguably the second major step in the MBA process; choosing where to intern has the potential to shape your career just as much as the business school you end up attending. When it comes to internships, many b-schoolers opt for one of the usual suspects—Fortune 500 corporations, consulting... Read more »

Last Updated Nov 16, 2018 by

Fridays from the Frontline: Advice from Yale SOM Student Admissions Ambassadors

The b-school application is just as much of an opportunity for adcom members to get an overview of who you are as it is a crash course in “knowing thyself.” Applications ask would-be students to not just tell a story, but to do so within the context of their educational... Read more »

Last Updated Oct 19, 2018 by

Fridays from the Frontline: 10 Things I Learned During My First Month in the MS/MBA Program

Fridays from the Frontline Dual-degree master’s programs are incredibly enticing to students looking to distinguish themselves in their career pursuits. The combination of an MBA and a specialize master’s degree in engineering is proving particularly hot right now. Harvard Business School (HBS) welcomed its inaugural MS/MBA class to campus this fall... Read more »

Last Updated Oct 5, 2018 by

Fridays from the Frontline: UC Berkeley Haas Professor on How to Shape Culture to Foster Gender Equity

Fridays from the Frontline Lots of U.S. companies are focused on attracting more female employees, and yet many still struggle to create inclusive cultures that encourage those women to stick around. Today’s Friday from the Frontline comes to us from Dr. Kellie McElhaney, a distinguished teaching fellow at the UC... Read more »

Last Updated Sep 21, 2018 by

Fridays from the Frontline: INSEAD’s Unique Application Process (and How It Helps Prepare Candidates for Interviews)

Fridays from the Frontline Whether you just submitted an INSEAD application as part of Round 1 or are aiming for the November Round 2 deadline, today’s Friday from the Frontline submission from a current student reflecting on his own application process has insights you won’t want to miss. Even a... Read more »

Last Updated Sep 14, 2018 by

Fridays from the Frontline: Embracing Entrepreneurship and the HBS Asian-American Community

Fridays from the Frontline Recent Harvard Business School (HBS) alumus Wilson Kyi (MBA ’18) hosts a popular podcast called Fish Sauce, which is dedicated to “the unique traits and viewpoints Asian-Americans bring to entrepreneurship.” According to Kyi, the podcast was a natural outgrowth of the cross-cultural community that the Asian-American Business... Read more »

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