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Real Humans of IESE’s MBA Class of 2022

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In this edition of Real Humans: MBA Students, we head to the bustling and dynamic city of Barcelona, Spain, to meet some of the newest members of the MBA Class of 2022 at IESE Business School.

Around 350 students comprise the latest class at IESE. Eighty-five percent are international students and 30 percent are women. Thirty percent come from Europe and another 25% from Asia. Twenty percent each had lived in Latin America or North America. The final five percent came from other regions of the world.

IESE MBA students average an age of 29 and 5 years of work experience. Sixty-one percent had worked in industry and 20 percent in finance before matriculating.  Consulting sourced 13 percent of the newest class. Five percent had a background in entrepreneurship while three percent had worked in the public services/NGO sector. When it came time to take the GMAT, the IESE MBA class scored an average of 681.

Get to know some of the newest students at IESE Business School, what drew them to the program and community, and more in the following pages.

Christina Griffith
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