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Northwestern Kellogg Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alum / Zoom

Image for Northwestern Kellogg Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alum / Zoom

The only option was virtual.

The interviewer didn’t ask “walk me through your resume.” Instead, they read my resume aloud and exclaimed they were impressed with my work experience at large/recognizable firms. They specifically said they admired my many majors in undergrad.

o Why did you switch jobs? (Big 4 -> F500)
o Why MBA/Why Kellogg/Post-MBA Goals.
o What more for Why Kellogg? (This tripped me up a little because my initial response was very comprehensive/detailed.)
o You should do MMM. Why didn’t you apply for MMM? (My interviewer thought I was a better fit for the MMM program than the standard 2Y.)
o What other schools did you apply to?
o What clubs would you want to join?
o What are your hobbies?
o Interviewer said “honestly, I don’t have anything else, congratulations.” – at about 15min
o Time: ~30min total. ~15min of me asking questions.

My interviewer seemed like a really warm/nice person, and it was a more natural conversational interview. They also gave off the impression that my resume spoke for itself which is why they didn’t have many questions for me. I was surprised they challenged me a little bit for applying for the standard 2Y instead of the more competitive dual-degree MMM. The interviewer did the 1Y, but seemed to have my best interest at heart and felt like my goals/experience made MMM a good fit. I had blocked off 1 hour for the interview, but decided to end it at 30min because he clearly stated he didn’t have more to add by the 15 min point. Afterward, the interviewer introduced me to another alum in my desired post-MBA career field.

I was accepted to the 2Y program with >2/3 merit-based scholarship.

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