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Babson College – F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business

The F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business of Babson College, located just outside of Boston, offers One-Year, Two-Year, Evening, and Blended Learning MBA options. The curriculum emphasizes entrepreneurship, experiential learning, and leadership; however, the underlying methodology to education at Babson is “Entrepreneurial Thought and Action,” which encourages students to approach problems with understanding, analysis, and experimentation to achieve desired results.

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Eighty-six percent of Babson College’s full-time faculty holds a doctoral (or equivalent terminal) degree. The faculty is comprised of executives and business leaders, who draw from their real-world experience to enhance classroom learning. They are also actively engaged in research and have recently published works in the Journal of Business Venturing and Small Business Economics.


There are four ways to obtain an MBA at Babson College: a One-Year, Two-Year, Evening, or Blended Learning program. The unified core curriculum for all of the school’s MBA degrees covers topics such as entrepreneurship, financial reporting, and strategy.

Each of the four programs has a capstone course. The One-Year MBA features a business simulation experience that allows students to practice operational decisions, while the Two-Year degree’s capstone consists of a consulting project with an external organization. The Evening MBA’s capstone course focuses on the role and responsibilities of the CEO, whereas the Blended Learning program students take a course in corporate entrepreneurship that includes a business plan.

Furthermore, Babson College MBA students participate in Signature Learning Experiences (SLEs) that encourage the use of classroom knowledge in real-world business scenarios. For instance, One-Year MBA students have been invited to debate the importance of social responsibility in managerial decisions, whereas Two-Year MBA students learn about market analytics and forecasting.

Classroom electives in subjects such as economics, finance, and marketing are also available for MBA students in each of the programs. In addition, outside electives, including study abroad, independent study, or work with outside organizations are also available.

Experiential learning is another important component of the Babson College MBA curriculum that gives students real-world insight into business practices and preparation for future careers. Consulting projects in particular are emphasized. First-year MBA students may take part in the Babson Consulting Alliance Program, which pairs student teams with partner organizations for a 14-week consulting project. Next, the Management Consulting Field Experience is an elective course open to any MBA student that allows student teams to partner with outside organizations for real-world consulting experiences. Furthermore, the Global Connections Through Technology course, offered to all MBA programs, allows students to partner with a startup or small company to help them optimize their use of technology. Lastly, the Management Consulting Field Experience elective course lets MBA students manage teams of undergraduates in a consulting project. Partner organizations for these Experiential Learning Projects have included AT&T, the Campbell Soup Company, and Converse.

MBA students may also pursue concentrations to complement their degree. Concentrations require 9 to 12 credits and are noted on a student’s official transcript. Current concentrations include business analytics, entrepreneurship, finance, global management, and marketing.

MBA Degree Options

The One-Year and Two-Year MBA degree options are considered full-time. The One-Year program requires 40.5 credits, whereas the 21-month Two-Year program calls for 55 credits. Meanwhile, the Evening and Blended Learning MBA options are part-time. The Evening degree may be completed in 42 months and requires 55 credits, and the Blended Learning degree takes 21 months and 46 credits.

Concentrations at Babson

  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Global Management
  • Marketing

One-Year MBA Program

Two-Year MBA Program

Evening MBA Program

Blended Learning MBA Program

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Clubs, Conferences, & Competitions

Olin has over 100 student clubs and organizations. For instance, the Babson Leadership Club helps students develop leadership skills by interacting with business executives and peers. Additionally, the Babson Accounting Club provides students with networking opportunities and chances to learn more about the industry.

Moreover, Fall and Spring formals, Grad Week, and a ski trip are annual traditions designed to help students socialize and enjoy their experience at the school. There is also a Partners Program designed to help MBA students’ significant others get involved in the Babson community.

In addition, the school hosts conferences that may interest graduate business students. The Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, which has been ongoing since 1981, brings over 350 scholars who specialize in entrepreneurship to the school. The Energy and Environmental Conference showcases many related sectors, job functions, and investors.

Competitions also help Babson College MBA students cultivate their business skills. For instance, the Marketing Case Competition encourages students to address real marketing challenges for $5,000 in prizes. The Consulting Case Competition allows students to present cases to consultants and professors for feedback.

Lastly, the school offers many forums for further education and career development. The Entrepreneurship Forum features important industry speakers and business competitions. The Asia Entrepreneurship Forum and Latin Entrepreneurship Forum showcases related regional opportunities. Meanwhile, the Healthcare and Life Sciences Forum showcases many sectors, as well as representatives with a variety of jobs functions.

Campus Spaces

The main campus of Babson College is situated approximately 14 miles from the city of Boston in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The school also maintains centers in Boston and San Francisco. Babson’s main campus can be found in proximity to Exits 14 and 15 on the Massachusetts Turnpike and then Route 16 towards Newton/Wellesley.

Olin is located on the northern edge of Babson’s campus. Students of the graduate school complete most of their classes in Olin Hall, a building that includes rooms for group study, a café, and spaces for student clubs and events. MBA students may also take advantage of Babson’s centers and research institutes, fitness center, cafeteria, and student center as well as the Horn Library, which features research support and computer services for the Babson community.

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Career Services

The Babson Graduate Center for Career Development (CCD) provides career support for all MBA students. Students can utilize career assessment tools, as well as work with coaches on mock interviews, elevator pitches, and negotiation techniques. Furthermore, MBA students can hear alumni speakers at Babson Connect, as well as gain access to networking opportunities via Babson board members and alumni.

Career Statistics

For 2016 MBA students in the One-Year or Two-Year program, 19% of graduates joined the financial services industry. Technology and consulting followed as top choices for graduates, each claiming 12% of the classes. A further 10% of the classes of 2016 chose Healthcare/Life Sciences while 18% split evenly across Consumer Products/Retail and Manufacturing.

Marketing/Sales was the top function of 2016 graduates, as 35% chose those roles. Finance/Accounting followed in second place, claiming 19% of graduates. Sixteen percent landed in general management and leadership development programs, and consulting positions were occupied by 13% of the classes.

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The Class Profile

In the Two-Year MBA Class of 2018, the 128 students at Olin had an average GMAT of 632 and an average GPA of 3.26. The Class was comprised of 34% women, and 74% international students. Students averaged 5.5 years of work experience.

Application Procedures

Applicants should provide an online application, essays, a current résumé, two letters of recommendation, official transcripts, a $100 application fee, and GMAT or GRE scores. Interviews are also part of the application process and they are given by invitation only. International applicants may also need to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores, certified English translations of transcripts, and a description of institutions attended. Babson Olin typically has four rounds of deadlines, after which admissions become rolling.

Application Checklist

  • Online Application
  • Essays
  • Résumé
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Official Transcripts
  • $100 application Fee
  • GMAT or GRE Scores
  • TOEFL/IELTS Scores

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Tuition for the One-Year MBA is $80,167, with an estimated total program cost of $116,747. The Two-Year MBA’s tuition is $67,562, with a total estimated cost of $95,117. Furthermore, an elective abroad may cost $3,900 to $7,050, while a semester abroad ranges from $7,800 to $12,800.

Financial Aid

Full-time MBA merit awards are available for applicants. The Olin MBA Fellows, Babson MBA Fellows, Babson MBA Diversity Fellows, and Price Babson MBA Fellows receive full tuition. President’s MBA Scholars and Dean’s Scholars receive partial tuition. Nine other fellowships and scholarships are also available. These may be tailored to candidates such as women leaders, entrepreneurs, and veterans.

Need-based scholarships are available for both incoming and returning MBA students. They may support Wellesley residents, Canadian citizens, students who have worked for a nonprofit, and those who have experienced financial need.

Estimated Cost of Attendance (Two-Year MBA)

  • Tuition $67,562
  • Housing (avg.) $12,646
  • Food (avg.) $5,616
  • Books and Supplies (avg.) $2,186
  • Personal (avg.) $2,650
  • Transportation (avg.) $1,880
  • Health Insurance* $2,359
  • Federal Direct Loan Fees (avg.) $218
  • Total Estimated Cost of Attendance $95,117
  • Additional Expenses
    • Semester Abroad $7,800−$12,800
    • Babson Elective Abroad $3,900−$7,050

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