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London Business School (LBS) is the graduate business school of the University of London.  Located by Regent’s Park near the center of London, LBS offers a full-time MBA program along with several Executive MBA options.  LBS is widely recognized for its international student body and flexible curriculum schedule, as well as its track record of placing high numbers of graduates into careers in finance.


What is the tuition for London Business School’s MBA program?

The tuition for London Business School’s MBA program is 97,500 UK Pounds per year.

What is the average GMAT score for admission to London Business School’s MBA program?

The average GMAT score for the MBA Class of 2023 at London Business School’s is 708.

What is the minimum number of years of work experience required for admission to London Business School’s MBA program?

London Business School does not state a minimum requirement for years of work experience. However, it is important for candidates to be aware that they are being considered against other candidates with an average of 5 years of experience.

What is the average number of years of work experience for admission to London Business School’s MBA program?

The average number of years of work experience among students in London Business School’s MBA program is 5.

What is the average starting salary for graduates of the London Business School MBA program?

The average starting salary for London Business School's MBA graduates is $114,526. The salary will vary by industry, with consulting and finance jobs generally commanding the higher salaries.

How long is London Business School's full-time MBA program?

London Business School offers a traditional 2 year MBA program.

What are the deadlines for London Business School's MBA program?

The Round 1 LBS MBA application deadline is September 9, 2022. The Round 2 deadline is January 5, 2023. The Round 3 deadline is March 27, 2023.

What percent of London Business School MBA students are women?

Thirty-eight percent of the class at London Business School are women.


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Since the inaugural class graduated in 2010, our Masters in Management (MiM) programme has evolved to reflect the changing needs of top global recruiters. In this film, we check in with Thomas Griesel (HelloFresh) MiM2010, Camilla Giovannini (MyBuilder) MiM2015, as well as MiM2020 student Noor Xarmina Khattak, to hear their stories and find out how the LBS experience continues to shape their careers. Learn more: https://www.london.edu/masters-degrees/masters-in-management

Executive MBA London - Programme Experience | London Business School

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The Class Profile

LBS enrolled 511 students in the fall of 2021. International students comprise 90% of the Class of 2023 and represent 67 different nationalities. Female students make up 38% of the class in total.

New LBS MBA students had an average of five years of work experience before matriculating. The LBS MBA Class of 2023 averaged a score of 708 on the GMAT, with scores ranging from 590 to 790.

Application Procedures

London Business School has three stages of admission, with application deadlines typically occurring in September, January and March. In addition to a completed online application form, applicants must submit essays, a one-page résumé, names and details of two references, and academic transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions attended. The school also requires applicants to send in a £200 application fee, GMAT scores, and, if necessary, results from the TOEFL, IELTS, CPE or PTE. Interviews are conducted on an invitation-only basis. 

Application Checklist

  • Data Forms
  • GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS/CPE/ PTE Score(s)
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Résumé
  • Application Fee
  • Two Recommendations
  • Essays

Essay Topic Analysis

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London Business School MBA Essays & Analysis 2022-2023

The following essay topic analysis examines London Business School (LBS) MBA admissions essays for the 2022-2023 admissions season. You can also review essay topic analyses for other leading MBA programs as well as general Essay Tips to further aid you in developing your admissions essays. LBS Essay Topic Analysis 2022-2023 Let’s take a closer look at each of this […]

Recommendation Questions

Find out what top MBA programs ask recommenders.

London Business School MBA Recommendation Questions

The London Business School application for the MBA program requires one professional references, preferably from a current or former supervisor. It should be someone who knows you well in a work context, for example a former employer or long-standing client. If you don’t want to ask your employer to be a referee, a colleague is acceptable. The […]

Interview Reports

LBS Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Zoom

Interviewer was very friendly and asked a bunch of questions around my work experiences, how I handled conflicts/issues in the workplace, international experience and the standard Why LBS/Why MBA/Why now. There is a presentation portion, which I also found to be straightforward. I was given a topic that was relevant to my industry (tech) and […]

LBS Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumna / Off-Campus Hub

I interviewed with a recent alumna in the city I’m residing in at a coffee shop for the MBA2025 class. It was a very friendly atmosphere, and my interviewer did her best to put me completely at ease. We had nothing in common professionally or background wise aside from the fact that we reside in […]

LBS MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alumnus / Off-Campus

The interview happened in the interviewer’s office. It was very conversational and lasted ~1.5 hour List of interview questions 1. Self-introduction (with follow-up questions about my hobbies). 2. Career goal and backup plans (challenge my backup plans and make some recommendations; also follow-up questions about industry insights where I plan to land my career). 3. […]

LBS Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alumnus / Zoom

The interview was on Zoom. My interviewer was very friendly. He introduced himself and the process briefly, and then asked the standard why MBA / why now / why LBS questions. Then he asked the behavioral questions. Most of the questions were behavioral. I was expecting some questions regarding family, but surprisingly they never came. […]

LBS Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alumnus / Virtual Interview

Had a fairly conversational interview with an alum that consisted of the standard questions (Tell me about yourself, why MBA, why LBS) as well as some questions about my resume and behavioral questions. My interviewer had already read through my application so there wasn’t a ton of probing questions on my motivations for b-school since […]

London Business School Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alumnus / Zoom

The interview was application-based, very conversational, and lasted for about 1.5 hours. It was conducted virtually via Zoom by an alumnus based in my country. The experience was enjoyable as the conversation felt natural and amicable. They emphasised that the interview is merely a part of the process and not a decisive factor in the […]

LBS MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Zoom

My interview for LBS was with an alum, and was conducted over Zoom. There are 3 main components of the interview – 1) Fit questions asked by the interviewer 2) The 10-minute case 3) Questions for the interviewer I am wary to put a time limit to it, as I have heard wildly different accounts […]

LBS Interview Questions & Report: Round 3 / Alumnus / Zoom

Fairly relaxed and conversational interview with a really friendly alumni interviewer, matched on the basis of my entrepreneurial ambitions and his expertise in the field. He had clearly studied my application thoroughly. Standard Questions: 1) Walk me through your CV and then talk about your interest in the MBA. 2) Why LBS? 3) International Experience? […]

London Business School Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alum / Off-Campus

My LBS interview took place at Starbucks with an alumnus. He is working in the VC/PE space and I have worked in startups, so I think that was a common link. Interview was very casual and conversational. It started with introduction: – Schooling & family – College activities, internships – Work experiences After introduction he […]

London Business School Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Alum / Off-Campus

Background: The LBS adcom spends a lot of time (sometimes upto two weeks) to match you to an alumnus in your preferred location and usually s/he is in a field similar to yours. My interviewer was a recent graduate (2018) and was back in India to head her family business. I was requested to meet […]

Lbs Q&As

Admissions Director Q&A: David Simpson of London Business School

Welcome to another edition of our Admissions Director Q&A series, featuring David Simpson of London Business School. There, David is Recruitment and Admissions Director for the MBA and Masters in Finance (MiF) programmes. He has been with the school for 25 years, starting in admissions, moving through various roles in marketing and business development, before […]

Podcast Episode 18: London Business School Admissions Director Q&A

This week we’ve got two new voices joining us on the Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast, Gareth Howells and David Simpson of London Business School. Howells is executive director for the MBA and Master in Finance (MiF) programs at LBS, and Simpson heads up admissions for both. Not only that, both men have been with […]

Real Humans of MBA Admissions: David Simpson of London Business School

This week’s Real Humans of MBA Admissions takes us across the pond to London. In some of the answers that follow, David Simpson’s British roots shine through—which makes sense for the admissions director of the MBA and Masters in Finance programs at London Business School (LBS). Simpson has been at LBS for almost a decade, […]


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London Business School LiveWire and DecisionWire

MBA LiveWire for London Business School

Application results in real time, submitted by site visitors.
November 26, 2022 1:20am
November 25, 2022 11:18pm
November 25, 2022 7:47am
Acceptedvia email.
GPA: 4.53/5.Nigeria.
November 24, 2022 12:38am
Acceptedvia email.
GPA: 3.7.GMAT: 730.NYC.
November 24, 2022 12:13am
Acceptedvia email.
GMAT: 720.

MBA DecisionWire for London Business School



Across its seven subject areas, London Business School employs faculty members from over 30 countries.  In addition to teaching courses, these scholars and practitioners help run the School’s five research centers and initiatives, which investigate topics such as private equity, entrepreneurship, energy markets and asset management.


London Business School notes that while the majority of course material is delivered via lectures and case discussions, instructors also make use of other techniques such as field visits, guest speakers, and role-playing scenarios.  Upon arriving at LBS, first-year students are divided into Throughout the first year of their MBA studies, students work on assignments with their study group members; the school reports that study groups earn about 30% of their first-year grade together.

The pre-term period for first-year MBA students begins online and is comprised of three courses that last through August: Accounting, Finance, and Statistics. Students with prior knowledge on these subjects may take the required tests without completing the coursework. Following pre-term, students spend three terms—Term One, Two, and Three—completing the required curriculum.  Term One runs from August to December, Term Two from January to March, and Term Three from April to June. The core curriculum is divided into two sections: Business Fundamentals and the Tailored Core. Business Fundamentals stretches through the first two terms and is made up of a total of 11 required courses. The flexible Tailored Core offers nearly 20 course options for students to fulfill the remainder of their credits. Students who have extensive prior experience in corporate finance and accounting gained within the last 10 years may take an exam to waive out of core courses in these areas and replace them with elective courses.   In the summer between the first and second years, most MBA students opt to complete a summer internship, though students may also participate in Entrepreneurship Summer School.

Unlike most MBA programs, which last either one or two full years, LBS allows its students to graduate after 15, 18 or 21 months of instruction .  The second year of the program follows the same three-term calendar as the first year.  During the second year, students must complete a summary course called Capstone as well as the course Global Business Experiences, through which teams of students partake in projects at locations throughout the world alongside LBS faculty members.   To graduate, students must complete a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 12 elective courses.   LBS enables students to tailor their studies to their desired career paths  .

In keeping with the school’s international outlook, LBS recommends that MBA candidates demonstrate competency in a language other than English in order to increase value to future employers; qualifying languages are Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Students who plan to complete their MBA studies in 18 or 21 months may also spend a term studying abroad at one of LBS’s more than 30 partner schools.  The school reports that 30% of MBA students spend a term abroad during their second year.

Other MBA Degree Options

In addition to its full-time MBA program, LBS offers several MBA degree options for applicants who are more advanced in their careers.  One such option is the 20-month Executive MBA, which is held across London and Dubai.  The school also supports two 20-month Global Executive MBA programs: the EMBA-Global Americas and Europe held between LBS and Columbia Business School, and the EMBA-Global Asia held between LBS, Columbia Business School and the University of Hong Kong.

Concentrations at LBS

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Management Science and Operations
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Behavior
  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Degree Offerings at LBS

Full-time MBA Program
Exit points at 15, 18 and 21 months

Executive MBA Programs
London and Dubai

EMBA-Global Americas and Europe between LBS and Columbia Business School

EMBA-Global Asia between LBS, Columbia Business School and the University of Hong Kong

Campus Life

Clubs, Conferences & Competitions

Students at LBS are provided with many opportunities to get involved in activities outside of the classroom. The school boasts over 75 student-run clubs that are based on a wide variety of professional, regional, athletic and social interests. For example, students who plan to enter the asset management industry after earning their MBA can join the Investment Management Club and participate in club events such as company visits, a guest speaker series and a stock pitch competition. The club also holds workshops on topics ranging from interviews to alternative investment strategies. Meanwhile, on the non-professional side, the Cycling Club holds weekly bike rides at Regent’s Park that are open to all skill levels, as well as mountain biking and road biking trips to destinations throughout England.

Student clubs at LBS also organize several conferences on campus each year. These include the Energy Club’s annual Global Energy Summit and the Women in Business Club’s annual Women in Business Conference, among many others. In addition, LBS students compete in a number of case and business plan competitions each year. Some, like the London Entrepreneurs’ Challenge, are sponsored by LBS students, while others, such as the CFA Global Investment Research Challenge, provide students with the opportunity to compete internationally.

Campus Space

London Business School’s campus is located in the center of London and faces the Boating Lake at Regent’s Park. The school comprises three main buildings: the Ratcliffe Building, the Plowden Building and the Taunton Centre. Combined, the Ratcliffe Building and the Plowden Building hold a total of 18 lecture theaters, 176 seminar rooms and a variety of other instructional facilities. Meanwhile, the Taunton Centre is home to the school’s Fitness Centre. The campus also offers four different places to eat, ranging from grab-and-go cafés to more formal restaurants. 

LBS does not provide housing to its students, so most full-time MBA students find private housing near campus in the form of shared apartments and houses. For guidance on how to find accommodations, students can refer to the University of London’s Housing Services office.

MBA Careers

Career Services

The Career Services team at LBS is comprised of career coaches and sector specialists who help students determine their post-MBA paths and connect with potential employers in their desired fields.  Career Services provides students with online career development resources, one-on-one career counseling, and workshops on topics such as résumés, interviews and networking, among others.  The team also organizes a variety of events throughout the year to help students network with recruiters.  These include a career fair, treks to Silicon Valley, Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, and on-campus presentations and receptions.  On-campus interviews for second-year students seeking full-time positions begin in mid-October, and those for first-year students seeking summer internships begin in late January.

Career Statistics

Within three months of graduating from LBS, 93% of the Class of 2021 had received job offers and 92% accepted them. The overall mean salary came to $114,526. Thirty-eight percent of the class went into the consulting sector while 26% each chose positions in technology or financial services.

Fifty-two percent of the class remained in the United Kingdom while 10% chose jobs in Europe outside of the UK. A further 13% went to work in Asia, 9% in North America, and 9% in Latin America.


For the MBA program beginning in August 2022, fees including tuition and reading materials come to a total of £97,500.  Students who are admitted to the MBA program within the first three application deadlines have access to a variety of merit- and need-based scholarships provided by LBS and associated sponsors.  Accepted applicants are automatically considered for some of these awards, while others require an additional application.  These awards range from partial to full tuition.  Students seeking further financial assistance can also apply for government and private loans.  LBS sends additional information on applying for financial aid along with their offers of admission.

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