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Real Numbers of MBA Admissions: Cost of MBA Programs in Europe

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How much does an MBA in Europe cost?

The cost of an MBA does not just include tuition. MBA candidates should also plan for living expenses, including room and board, transportation, meals, health insurance and other personal costs. Some programs also have mandatory fees and require funds for activities and supplies. Whether in pounds, Euros or Swiss francs, it helps to know what your budget should be to cover the price of an MBA program. About a third of European business schools offer need-based scholarships to help offset the cost of an MBA. Many programs also offer fellowships to aid in covering the expenses of an MBA. While the Real Numbers: Cost of MBA Programs in the U.S. looked at cost per year because most programs are two years long, this chart about European schools covers the duration of the given program. See the paragraph below for notes on duration.

In this edition of Real Numbers of MBA Admissions, we’ve compiled the total cost of leading European MBA programs in the chart below.

European School  Cost 2024 Intake  Cost 2023 Intake
Bocconi €96,720 €84,042
Cambridge Judge €87,625 £81,668
Esade €119,000 €118,000
ESMT Berlin €71,475 €70,975
HEC Paris €122,825 €111,825
IE Business School €82,300^ €82,300^
IESE Business School €105,000 €99,500
IMD Business School TBA CHF 133,500
Imperial College Business School €67,500^ €61,500^
INSEAD €131,480 €127,710
London Business School €115,000^ £109,700^
Manchester AMBS €67,800 £64,800
Oxford Saïd Business School €78,510^ £71,440^
Rotterdam Business School €82,000 €75,000

^Tuition only

Bocconi is a nine-month MBA program and the total above includes the maximum estimated living expenses. The cost of Esade may stand out, but the school offers their MBA in 12-, 15- and 18-month options; the figure above assumes the maximum estimated living expenses over 18 months. ESMT Berlin is a 15-month MBA program with tuition making up €49,500 of the figure above. The total for HEC Paris, a 16-month program, represents a September start. IE Business School in Madrid, Spain, hosts an 11- or 15-month MBA program, but does not offer cost of living estimates. The cost of the INSEAD MBA, a one-year program, represents tuition and anticipated living costs with a car in Fontainebleau; the cost via Singapore is €134,500. Manchester AMBS’ tuition for 2024 entry is £48,000; the figure above includes cost of living (£1,100/month) for 18 months. Rotterdam, another 12-month MBA program with a January start, suggests that cost of living will run €1,500/month.

The Real Numbers of MBA Admissions: Cost of MBA programs in Europe is based on 2024 and 2023 starts.

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