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Ross MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Alumnus/ Off-campus

My interviewer was in a hurry from the time we started. He started by saying that he was looking for a 15-20 minute interview and it lasted for 20 minutes only.

He wanted the answers to not last more than 1 -1.5 minutes.

He asked the following questions:
1. Tell me about yourself (he wanted only top line and interrupted when I was getting into details. After that I just gave him a brief idea)
2. Why MBA
3. What do you want to gain from an MBA to get into consulting.
4. Why Ross
5. What Clubs at Ross
6. How will you contribute to the class at Ross
7. Tell me about a team experience and what did you learn about yourself from the experience.
8. Tell me something about you not on the resume. Something other than professional stuff
9. Then he asked me if I had any questions – I told him that I have already spoken to other Alums but want to know what led to him making the choice to join Ross.

Overall, I felt that I could not get my complete stories across since he was in a hurry with all the questions. But it also seemed that he got to know what he wanted to.

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