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Chicago Booth MBA Admissions Interview Questions: Round 1 / Second-year student / On-campus

My interview was on-campus with a second-year student (Admissions Fellow). It was 45 minutes long and blind, although the interviewer had reviewed my resume and made a few notes beforehand. The questions were pretty consistent with what other applicants have reported on this and other sites:

1) Why did you choose your undergraduate major?
2) How did you decide to work in the field you’re working in (different from what I studied)?
3) What made you move from Role X to Y (when I changed jobs)?
4) What are your long-term career goals?
5) Why do you feel you need an MBA now?
6) Why Chicago Booth?
7) Tell me about a situation when you had to navigate/resolve conflicts while working in a team setting?

The interview was conversational – not intimidating at all; other interviewees reported similar experiences. The questions were fair and while they were not unexpected, it didn’t feel like the interviewer was simply going through a list (unlike at another peer school I’ve interviewed at). The school/interviewers made a conscious effort to put candidates at ease before the interviews (the school had current students in the waiting area at all times, to chat with interviewees; most interviewers chatted about random stuff with candidates on their way to the rooms) – a nice touch.

Overall, a positive interview experience. Three things I would give the school specific props on: Organization, opportunity (to make your case), environment (a pleasant environment makes it harder to gauge what assessments are being made during the interview, but the lack of pressure does help most candidates avoid anxiety and put their best foot forward – a net positive in my book).

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