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Real Humans of the Cornell Johnson MBA Class of 2019

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Here are some of the things we know about the MBA Class of 2019 at Cornell University’s Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management. The 277 students in the class entered with an average GMAT score of 700 and an average GPA of 3.36—identical to the class preceding them. (Median GMAT score jumped 10 points, to 710.) As in prior years, the greatest percentage of students studied business in college, though this figure was just 35 percent—down from 41 percent the year before. Another 28 percent of the class were humanities majors, and 20 percent studied engineering.

On average, students in the class have five years of work experience, with one in four coming from finance. That’s the same as it was for the Class of 2018. Consultants count for 16 percent—up nine points year over year. Fewer bring a background in tech—just 6 percent—down six points from the prior year.

Demographically, the class is somewhat less diverse than the one before. Under-represented minorities make up 12 percent, down from 16 percent the year before, and women account for 27 percent, down from 31 percent. International students make up 34 percent of the class—equivalent to the prior year. U.S. military veterans, meanwhile, make up 11 percent of students.

Though the percentage of women slid slightly and trails some of the schools at the forefront of the push toward gender equity in graduate management education, the school’s commitment to this goal is no less strong. In fact, Judi Byers, who leads admissions for Johnson, asked if we might spotlight all women in our Real Humans piece to showcase the diverse and talented array who have chosen Johnson. We happily obliged.

As you’ll see in the snapshots that follow, these women are an international bunch drawn from a wide range of educational backgrounds, having studied everything from electrical engineering to international relations to religion. The professional experience they can share with their fellow classmates is likewise varied. The group includes a former consultant, someone who worked in corporate banking, and an environmental educator, among others. And as for their post-MBA plans, one is planning a career in cleantech and another hopes to work in brand management in the consumer packaged goods industry, while others are targeting fields ranging from investment banking to corporate human resources.

What they share in common is feeling like Johnson was the place where they could attain those diverse goals while benefitting from a close-knit class, a beautiful campus, small-town charm, and the wider resources of Cornell University. Several were also drawn to the strong focus Johnson places on experiential learning, and all are eagerly looking forward to beginning their second-semester Immersions, another hallmark of the school.