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Our Latest Podcast: The Great Test Debate—GMAT Versus GRE

In early April, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which owns and administers the GMAT, announced that it is shaving half an hour off the test, bringing it down from four hours to three and a half. GMAC called it a “candidate friendly change designed to enhance the test taking experience,” adding that “the GMAT is the only assessment designed specifically for graduate business school.” To get to a shorter test, GMAC sliced out 23 minutes of unscored (research) questions in the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections and streamlined non-exam portions like tutorials and instructions. GMAC made no mention of... Read more »

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Real Humans of the INSEAD MBA Class of 2018D

We’re moving right along in our Real Humans series focused on current students at leading business schools around the globe. Today, enter INSEAD, under a spotlight. Ranked the number one MBA program in the world by the Financial Times in both 2016 and 2017, the global school with campuses on three continents was knocked to second this year by Stanford, but the many of the qualities that helped it dominate in prior years remain. Compared head to head against other international business schools (outside the United States), Bloomberg BusinessWeek ranked INSEAD tops out of 31 schools in its most recent... Read more »

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Our Latest Podcast: How to Decide Between Business Schools as an Admitted Student

For some prospective MBA applicants turned admitted students, the choice of where to attend business school is a no-brainer. If you applied and were accepted to your first-choice school, it may be as easy as breaking out the bubbly and sending in your deposit. Of perhaps you got accepted at two schools, one on your reach list and another on your safety list. Many applicants in that situation are going to lean toward the reach school. But very often, admitted students find themselves deciding between schools amid circumstances that aren’t equal. Maybe a lower-ranked school offers you a phenomenal scholarship... Read more »

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MIT Sloan Round 3 Round Up from Admissions Director Dawna Levenson

With the Round 3 deadline having passed yesterday for applicants to MIT Sloan School of Management, Director of Admissions Dawna Levenson was quick to add an update post to her “From the Desk of the Admissions Director” blog today letting these late-round applicants know what to expect next. Levenson started out by underscoring that several things make applying in Round 3 unique, chief among them the accelerated timeline. “The next month will certainly be a whirlwind,” she warned. Here are the dates you should circle now on your calendars: Friday, April 20, 2018: Interview invitations go out April 25 –... Read more »

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Tuck Adcom Luke Anthony Peña to Pen Monthly Admissions Open Letter

Heading into his ninth month leading MBA admissions at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, Luke Anthony Peña took to the Tuck360: MBA Blog last week to share the month’s happenings on campus. “I have a deep appreciation for our well-earned reputation as an accessible and transparent community,” he wrote. “In that spirit, I want to keep you updated on what’s happening here—at Tuck, in Admissions, and with me personally.” His April communication will be the first of monthly open letters designed to keep prospective applicants in the know. Luke Anthony Peña, Tuck executive director of admissions and financial aid April is... Read more »

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Financing Your MBA, Part 4: International MBA Student Loans

In our previous post on financing your MBA, we covered loan programs for MBA students from the United States. Today, we’ll take a look at loans through the lens of international students, who face some different restrictions but who are also eligible for special programs tailored to their unique requirements. By law, federal loans can only be distributed to U.S. citizens or permanent residents. This means that international students must put extra work into finding financial aid and loan programs to support their education if they choose to pursue a U.S. MBA program. International students should research their own countries’ options... Read more »

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Our Latest Podcast: April Admitted MBA Students’ Weekends

Depending on where you live, April-like weather may or may not yet have arrived. (It’s chilly here in Philly as I write this.) But spring weather or not, admitted MBA students’ weekends are getting underway at leading business schools throughout the month. The latest episode in our Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast series tells you everything you need to know about these weekends—including what to expect, how to prepare, and what you should try to take away from them. We even offer some advice on what to do if two schools you’re choosing between managed to schedule their events on... Read more »

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Financing Your MBA, Part 3: Loans for U.S. MBA Students

Moving right along in our multi-part series on financing your MBA, we’ll take a look today at some of the options prospective MBA students have for obtaining loans to finance their time at business school. For the purposes of this post, we will focus primarily U.S. MBA student loan programs. International students, stay tuned for subsequent posts that will go into greater detail about loan programs tailored for your needs. Of course, because loans must ultimately be repaid—unlike scholarship or fellowship aid—deciding how much you should borrow is as important as understanding how much you can borrow. To make an... Read more »

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A Shorter GMAT? It’s True—Starting April 16th

If you’re planning to sit for the GMAT exam in preparation for applying to business school, you might do well to hold off for a couple of weeks. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which owns and administers the GMAT, the test will be 30 minutes shorter than it has been in the past, lasting just 3.5 hours instead of the previous 4, including breaks and instructions. But before you get too excited, we should stress that this does not mean the test will be any easier. GMAC sliced 23 minutes out of the exam sections themselves by... Read more »

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Financing Your MBA, Part 2

In the first of our multi-part series on financing your MBA, we took a look last week at the costs involved in attending a top-tier business school. Now, with a better handle on how much money you’ll need, let’s start looking at where that funding will come from. Students typically rely on a mixture of savings, fellowships and scholarships, employer or outside assistance, and loans to meet the cost of an MBA program. According to the GMAC 2017 Prospective Student Survey, the most recently surveyed group of prospective students expected to finance almost half their education through a combination of... Read more »

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